'A Bullet Runs Through It, Part Two' Promo Now Online

By Carolina
November 15, 2005 - 5:50 PM

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CBS last week released the promo video of the new CSI episode "A Bullet Runs Through It, Part Two."

This episode is the conclusion of last week's episode of the same name, in which an LVPD officer is shot and the evidence suggests friendly fire. In the second part of "A Bullet Runs Through It," the CSIs sift through the overwhelming evidence from a shootout with drug dealers in order to determine who is responsible for the death of a police officer killed during the incident. When a wild police chase of drug smugglers through the streets of Las Vegas leaves an officer killed, the CSIs suspect that the cop killed in the line of duty was shot by one of his fellow officers.

The trailer is currently available for download at CBS.com. For those of you with slower connections, here's a full transcript with screen caps of the trailer.


[A green screen.]
[Text-over: 'One fallen officer.']
[Grissom addresses someone.]
[Shot of Officer Bell's wake. Brass walks in wearing his formal uniform.]
[Grissom is talking to someone about his findings.]
Grissom: "We have reason to believe officer Bell was killed by friendly fire."


CSI – Secrets & Flies [Green screen.]
[Text-over: 'One hour of television.']
[Sofia is talking to someone. She's visibly upset and crying.]
Sofia: "I made a mistake, I shouldn't have fired.'
[A swarm of police officers are at the motel where the first part left off.]
[Voice-over: 'This is gonna look bad.']
[Grissom kneels down behind the open door of a police car, determining a bullet's trajectory.]
[Voice over: 'It is what is is.']


[Green screen.]
[Text-over: 'You can't miss CSI.']
[Grissom addresses someone.]
Grissom: "Physical evidence cannot be wrong, it doesn't lie.']
[Greg is indoors, using a laser pointer to determine the trajectory of a bullet.]
CSI – Secrets & Flies [Sara is shocked by their findings.]
Sara: "It's not possible."
[Grissom stands in front of a dummy. He just figured out who killed officer Bell and he looks up, shocked.]
[A green screen.]
[Text-over: 'CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. TV's #1 show. New episode – Thursday 9/8c.']

To view the trailer of this new CSI episode, head over to the official CSI website.

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