ALERT: ET Online On The Set Of 'CSI: Miami'

By Carolina
May 15, 2006 - 6:28 PM

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Entertainment Tonight recently visited the set of the CSI: Miami to get a closer look at tonight's explosive episode "Rampage."

In tonight's episode, the Mala Noche gang return to wreak havoc on Horatio Caine's life. A hit has been put on the lieutenant, but the bullet might end up killing someone else. "There's been a little gunplay today," said David Caruso (Horatio Caine). "One of our guys got injured and, more importantly, a very significant person to me and Eric Delko."

That only points to Marisol Delko, Horatio's bride and Delko's sister, but even this late in the game Caruso won't reveal it's actually her. "There's a possibility," he said of the speculation. "Marisol turns out to be an amazing woman. She is a surprise for him. He didn't see this chapter of his life coming."

CBS News also talked to the stars of the show about its immense popularity. Jonathan Togo (Ryan Wolfe) still thinks he's dreaming it all. "Every day, I show up and I just can't believe it. It's Bruckheimer. They're doing it. They're blowing up buildings and shooting guns. It's like an eight years olds daydream coming true."

The show has also educated its stars on science and law enforcement, said Emily Procter (Calleigh Duquesne). "Fortunately and unfortunately," she said. "There are times when I think, when is it ever going to end? … But there are times that I feel that I've grown so accustomed to it. There are actually times when there are crimes out there in the world and I find myself trying to figure it out and I ask myself, what am I doing?"

Caruso's character isn't the only one getting a little romance this season. Characters Delko, Wolfe, and Boa Vista have found themselves in a messy love triangle, but the stars admit Boa Vista should end up with someone else entirely. "Detective Frank Tripp," Rex Linn said of his character, "[He] is the sexual tension on the show. I don't know if you've gotten it, but just about every scene that I'm in, the sexual tension is just unbearable."

For more information on the behind the scenes segment on tonight's episode of Miami, visit ET Online. The rest of the article can be found at CBS News.

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