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'CSI' Gets Glamorous In 'Hollywood Brass'

By Carolina
April 15, 2005 - 10:44 PM

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CBS today released the full trailer of the upcoming CSI episode, "Hollywood Brass".

In the episode, Captain Brass travels to Los Angeles and requests the assistance of his former colleague, LAPD Captain Annie Kramer, when his estranged daughter Ellie calls for help after her friend turns up missing. When the woman is found dead, Brass turns to Warrick, who is in Los Angeles for a CSI convention, to help him and the LAPD track down the killer. "Hollywood Brass" was written by Carol Mendelsohn and Sarah Goldfinger, and directed by Bill Eagles.

The 20-second trailer for the episode is now available on the official CBS site. For those of you with slower connections, here's a transcript:

'Hollywood Brass' - copyright CBS [Brass is on the phone.]
Brass: "My kid's in trouble."
[Shot of a woman wearing a mini-skirt as she walks down the Hollywood Walk of Fame.]
[Two prostitutes stand on the sidewalks of Hollywood Blvd.]
Hutchkins: "She works a stretch on Hollywood Boulevard."
[Annie Hutchkins hands Brass a file.]
[Brass is sitting inside a car, in the dark. He's melancholically looking at someone.]
[Ellie Brass approaches a car, determined to make some business. Her face falls when she sees who is inside.]


[Shot of the beautiful California palm trees.]
[Text-over: 'Thursday'.]
[Grissom is standing next to a silver car. He turns to look at something.]
[Catherine examines a darkened crime scene with her flashlight.]


'Hollywood Brass' - copyright CBS [Aerial short of the Hollywood sign.]
[Shot of the beach.]
[Flash: A bikini-clad body.]
[Flash: Another girl in bikini is getting sun bathed.]
[Warrick is enjoying his visit to California.]
Warrick: "Beaches, bikinis... kinda nice here."


[A long strip of police tape surrounds a crime scene.]
[Paramedics are loading a body into a gurney.]
[Close-up of the body. We can see the woman's head, her hair is wet.]
[Brass is standing in front of a few bars that resemble a jail cell.]
[Ellie is at the crime scene, distract by what the police has found.]
[An officer looks down at the body.]


Officer: "Somebody beat the pulp out of her."
[Flashback: A woman's wrists are tied together with a rope.]
[Flashback: An unidentified person is aiming their gun at someone.]
'Hollywood Brass' - copyright CBS [Flashback: Ellie's friend is punched in the fact. The blow makes her fall on the ground.]
[Ellie pleads with her father.]
Ellie: "You gotta find him."
[Brass looks away, reluctant.]
[Flashback: Ellie's friend willingly climbs inside a car.]
[Flash: A man rushes into an apartment.]
[Brass is out in the street, trying to reason with his daughter.]
[He tries to drag her away but she's not willing to go with him without a fight.]
[Brass and Hutchins enter an apartment, their guns drawn.]
[Close-up of Brass.]
Brass: "Put the gun down!"


[Hollywood palm trees.]
[Text-over: 'CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. New Episode Thursday 9/8c'.]

The full promo can be seen as a 20-second streaming RealMedia file at CBS's official CSI web site.

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