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Jonathan Togo Feels Like A Woman

By Carolina
April 15, 2005 - 9:27 PM

When CBS.com asked Jonathan Togo (Ryan Wolfe) about his favorite entertainment medium, the actor saw the opportunity to answer with a witty retort:

"If I had to pick what I like best out of TV and film and theatre... I would have to say dancing in music videos, which is what I used to do, uh, with all the big ones Janet Jackson, I worked with Shania Twain, I actually was her body double for Feels Like a Woman," the actor joked.

Togo didn't really dance in music videos, but his answer is proof of his love for comedy, which he admits doesn't come as naturally as some would assume. "I like to be funny as me, but I have a harder time with comedy on the written page. And it's fun to take yourself seriously some of the time, which, fortunately in this job I get to do a lot [...] I get to yell at people a lot and be in a position of power, which is something in my actual day to day life I don't get to do at all."

All joking aside, Togo is delighted about his work on Miami. The actor's first appearance was in this season's "Under the Influence" as eager officer Ryan Wolfe, who Horatio Caine hired as a CSI for his talent and attention to detail. Togo admitted, he has high expectations for Ryan. "I'd see him evolve into the type of character who sort of matures into his job. I think he's a little young right now, he started off as a little nave and he's new and I'd like to see him become the type of police officer that he would want to be, which is a good one."

Like pal Khandi Alexander, Togo cherishes the memories of one episode in specific. "My favorite episode so far, I would have to say is Money Plane," the actor answered. "I thought it was a really great episode, it's a neat story. And I get to do some really great scenes with an actress named Taryn Manning, who I like a lot [...] I also got to work with a buddy of mine, real life, a guy named Michael Landes. So it was a fun episode and my dad came to visit the set for that episode, so it has a lot of special memories to me."

To see Jonathan Togo talk about his favorite role and how he prepared himself for Miami, visit CBS.com. The video can be seen as a streaming RealMedia file.

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