Corey Miller Interviews 'Miami' Director Scott Lautanen

By Carolina
March 15, 2006 - 8:46 PM

Miami director Scott Lautanen took writer Corey Miller on a little tour through the mind of a director and what it is they do.

"My job as director is to take the story in written form and tell that same story in visual form," Lautanen explained. "After getting the script, I have seven days to cast the actors, scout the locations, discuss the sets to be built, meet with all of the departments and work with the First Assistant Director to put together a shooting schedule that accommodates all of those people."

But the job doesn't end there. "Once we begin shooting, I work with the Director of Photography to get the camera angles needed to complete the scene, and collaborate with the actors in order to best serve the story. I must do this in eight shooting days, usually twelve hours or less per day. Above all, the most important thing is to tell the story, because if the audience is confused and can't follow along, I've not only failed to do my job, but I've wasted an hour of their time."

Lautanen admitted one of the best things about the show is it's enabled his creativity to flourish. "Having the opportunity to consistently work with these people helps me achieve a comfort level that allows me to explore the limits of my creativity, because I know whatever crazy idea I come up with they can pull off. It's a unique confidence, and not one you necessarily feel when youíre just starting out, or are a 'director for hire' working on many different shows."

Lastly, the director gave some advice to the people who want to pursue a career in Hollywood. "Keep your Chap Stick handy, because you'll be kissing a lot of butt," he said. "Like any pursuit, be patient, be persistent, and be polite, because especially in Hollywood, the people who work for you today can be the people hiring you tomorrow."

Visit the official CSI: Miami blog to read the rest of the interview.

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