CBS Releases 'Payback' Promo

By Carolina
December 14, 2005 - 11:15 PM

CBS yesterday released the promo for the new episode of CSI: Miami "Payback."

In this episode, Natalia's mission to solve cold cases is a success when a man imprisoned for rape is set free six years later. However, when the CSIs reexamine the evidence, find the true culprit and go to arrest him, they find that someone else has already taken justice into their own hands and killed him. Meanwhile, Alexx discovers that a corpse in her morgue may have died due to surgeon error on the operating table.

The trailer for "Shattered" is currently available for download at For those of you with slower connections, here's a full transcript with screen caps of the trailer.


[The Miami skyline.]
[Footage from another episode, Horatio and Delko stand looking at something.]
[Text-over: '65 Million Viewers.']
[Calleigh ducks under the yellow tape in the episode "From The Grave."]
[Delko closely examines a piece of evidence at the lab.]
[A crowd is gathered outside a club, waiting to get it.]
[Text-over: 'CSI: Miami.']
[Footage from "Felony Flight," a plane flies over a yellow convertible.]
[From "Payback." A reporter is talking on the news, Brian Lexington's picture on the screen.]
Reporter: "Brian Lexington was released."


CSI: Miami – Payback [Horatio is looking at the scene.]
[Text-over: 'A Rapist.']
[Reporters stand outside, all shouting questions at Lexington as he's freed.]
[They raise their cameras and try to take pictures of him as he looks on.]
[Text-over: 'Set Free.']
[Brian Lexington addresses the press.]
Lexington: "I just happened to be at the wrong place, at the wrong time."
[Reporters take pictures...]
[... and attempt to get their microphones as close to him as they can.]
[A woman meets Horatio outside the press conference.]
[She's visibly upset.]
Woman: "If he didn't rape me, then who did?"


[The rape victim, Valeria Naff, is in her bed in the middle of the night, when suddenly she snaps up and looks around.]
[Text-over: 'A Victim.'
[As she lays in bed she's tormented by the fact that she isn't safe anymore.]
[Text-over: 'Outraged.']
[She addresses Horatio in the kitchen.]
Valerie: "What do I do now?"
[Horatio looks at her.]
Horatio: "Help me catch him."


CSI: Miami – Payback [Close-up of a hand as it reaches for a door handle.]
[Someone opens up a lock with a key. We can't see who.]
[Said person enters a house.]
[Ryan and Calleigh work with some evidence at the lab.]
[Text-over: 'Exposed.']
[In the hallway, Ryan looks at something in the distance and frowns.]
[Natalia is at the lab, looks up at someone and smiles.]
[Calleigh is talking on the phone as she looks at something behind the camera.]
Calleigh: "You're not gonna believe this."
[Delko meets Natalia in the hallway.]
[Natalia smiles.]
[He hands her what looks like a bracelet.]
Delko: "Thought you might want it back."
CSI: Miami – Payback [Alexx turns around and looks befuddled.]
[Delko addresses Natalia.]
Delko: "I had a great time last night."
[Natalia smiles.]
Natalia: "So bad."


[The Miami Skyline.]
[Text-over: 'CSI: Miami. New Episode, Monday 0/9c.']

To view the trailer of this new CSI: Miami episode, head over to the official CSI: Miami website.

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