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Worlds Collide On ‘CSI:Miami’ And ’48 Hours’

By Deborah
November 14, 2006 - 4:40 AM

The plotline of this weeks episode of CSI:Miami and the CBS news program 48 Hours deal with similar stories and both, strangely enough, involve Eva LaRue’s sister.

This weeks episode of CSI:Miami, “Darkroom,” involves the kidnapping of Natalia Boa Vista (played by LaRue)’s sister. This weeks episode of 48 Hours covers the case of suspected serial killer William Bradford. How are the two connected? When police searched Bradford’s home, they discovered a bounty of pictures of women. Among them were 130 pictures of Eva LaRue’s real life sister, Nika LaRue. Some were typical modeling photographs, as Bradford worked as a photographer. However, many depicted LaRue unaware she was being photographed.

LaRue says doing the episode was “weird.” “Nika and I just watched the episode for the first time last night. When you have a brush with something like that, you realize that you can just kind of cruise along through your life kind of oblivious and never realize that there, by the grace of God, goes my sister.”

Both LaRue and her sister were interviewed for the 48 Hours story.

There is another connection between the Bradford case and this weeks CSI:Miami. The episode was written by story editor, John Hayes, a former homicide detective with the L.A. County Sheriff’s Office. One of his former colleagues, Bobby Taylor, currently on the cold case squad, reopened the Bradford case.

To read the full story, visit New York Daily News.

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