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'Darkroom' Promo Available Online

By Deborah
November 14, 2006 - 1:16 AM

CBS has released the promo for the new CSI:Miami episode “Darkroom.”

In this episode, a kidnapping case becomes personal for the CSI’s when the victim turns out to be Natalia Boa Vista’s sister.

The 30-second promo can now be downloaded at CBS.com. For those with slower internet connections, a full transcript of the promo video follows:

[Close-up on a woman’s orange bikini clad breasts.]

[Voice over: “Sometimes truth”]

[Text over: “Truth”]

[Ryan and Detective Tripp look down at something unseen.]

[Ryan: “They’re not bodies.”]

[A man and woman are romantically entangled, standing; her bent leg on his hip, his hand on the back of her thigh.]

[Ryan: “They’re trophies.]

[Close-up on a photograph of a beautiful young blonde woman.]

[A large collection of photographs of beautiful women is seen.]

[Voice over: “is stranger than fiction”]

[Text over: “fiction”]

[Natalia stands in front of a window.]

[Natalia: “One of those pictures is of my sister.”]

[A man, seen from behind, stands in front of a terrified woman.]

[Voice over: “and blood”]

[Text over: “blood”]

[Voice over: “than water.”]

[Voice over: a woman screams]

[A woman makes a frantic phone call.]

[Woman: “I’m in a house. I only have a minute.”]

[Close-up on Natalia.]

[Natalia: “We have to find her.]

[Close-up on Horatio.]

[Close-up on Delko, shining a small flashlight.]

[Voice over (Ryan’s voice): “She cut herself on purpose”]

[Latex gloved hands inspect a cut female wrist.]

[Voice over (Ryan) continued: “so we could ID her.”]

[A small plane flies over the water.]

[Voice over: “Now”]

[Horatio draws his gun.]

[Calleigh draws her gun.]

[Voice over: “the CSI’s can’t]

[Water front crime scene.]

[Voice over: “let history”]

[Close-up on Alexx inspecting a swab.]

[Delko takes pictures.]

[Voice over: “repeat itself.”]

[A man stands behind the woman we saw earlier; his hand covers her mouth.]

[Two women appear to be subdued by the same man. One sits across the room; her hands behind her.]

[Horatio stands.]

[Close-up on Ryan, yelling.]

[Ryan: “Don’t move! Don’t move!”]

[A man with a gun faces Ryan and Detective Tripp.]

[A shot is fired.]

[Rapid montage of images – Horatio, drawn guns, sparks, a scared woman.]

[Simultaneous voice and text over: “A new CSI:Miami Monday 10/9 c.”]

To view the trailer of this new CSI:Miami episode, head over to the official CSI:Miami website.

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