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Sinise To Help Rebuild Iraqi Schools

By Kristine
June 14, 2004 - 9:08 PM

Gary Sinise (Mac Taylor) and Laura Hillenbrand, author of the bestselling non-fiction book Seabiscuit, are working together to create a new charity, Operation Iraqi Children, to help build schools in Iraq.

94Country WKKJ online reports that Sinise was saddened by the condition of the Iraqi schools he saw when he toured the country on several different trips. "Some of these places didn't even have a floor--it was just dirt," the actor noted. "There were no pens and pencils and no toilet. There was just a hole in the ground."

When Sinise told Hillenbrand about his trips to Iraq, the two formed the idea for Operation Iraqi Children. The goal of the charity is to raise money and get supplies to aid American soldiers who are working on renovating the schools in Iraq.

Sinise wants the public to be aware of the positive contribution these soldiers are making to improve the lives of Iraqi children. "There are so many negative images coming out of Iraq," Sinise said, "and I know that the troops' morale gets shaken when they think people back home think nothing good is happening. The connection between these school kids and the soliders is amazing."

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