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By Kristine
June 14, 2004 - 5:17 PM

Hello World!

Well, the summer rerun season is upon us. Or shall I say the summer season? I never thought I'd actually miss reruns, but it seems like the networks are trotting out an awful lot of reality shows in place of reruns this year. Which is a shame, because I'd rather watch a rerun of a good show than the umpteenth reality show. Honestly, there are some of us out there who don't care if the 80 millionth reality show bimbo will choose the 80 millionth reality show himbo or the million dollar check. Yawn.

Thank goodness CBS is bucking the trend. On Monday and Thursday nights, I'm watching CSI: Miami and the original CSI, either seeing episodes for the second time or catching the ones I missed over the last season. It's been fun, and because my television viewing schedule isn't so crowded (I readily admit to being a TV junkie!), I've been able to sit back and really enjoy each episode at a relaxed, leisurely pace.

Since I've seen many of the episodes before, I'm able to focus on the characters more than what's going to happen next in unravelling the mysteries at the heart of each episode. For me, characters are a big part of the reason I watch a show, and I have to say, I really enjoy the characters on both CSI shows (and I liked what I saw of the cast of the third one, too!). I'd like to see more of most of the supporting characters, but one in particular intrigues me, and that's Tim Speedle from CSI: Miami. Rory Cochrane imbues his character with a pensive aloofness and obvious dedication to his job that makes me want to see more of him.

There's also an honestly about Speedle that I really like. In "Innocent," when the dead porn star's roommate, Sara, suggests to Speedle that he only defended her against the guys that were hitting on her because he was a cop and had to, rather than demurring, Speedle tells her frankly that no, he didn't. He's obviously a good guy, so much so that he tells her he's never seen any of her movies, and he acts bashful when she asks him out for coffee. In "Witness to Murder," Speedle's horror over the murder of a twelve-year-old girl is obvious, and it deepens when the prime suspect turns out to be her father. Though he doesn't talk to the corpses like Alexx does, it's obvious that Speedle cares deeply about the people he encounters in his job.

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Today's Television Listings

Tonight, CBS will air the CSI: Miami episode "The Oath". Here is the TV Guide' description of the episode:

    A police officer collapses and dies after pulling over a car, and the investigation reveals he was murdered. Horatio grows suspicious when Internal Affairs gets involved in the case, leading him to believe that the killing wasn't a random crime. Also: Calleigh aids an abused woman who is living with one of the suspects in the probe, and Yelina begins dating Horatio's nemesis who is heading up the Internal Affairs inquiry.

On Thursday, CBS will show CSI: Crime Scene Investigation's episode "Butterflied". Here is TV Guide's description of the episode:

    Grissom can't help but examine his feelings for Sara when a dead woman who bears an uncanny resemblance to her is discovered as part of a double murder he's investigating. A second dismembered body is soon located in nearby trash cans. Making the case tough to crack is the fact that the killer took extraordinary measures to clean up after himself.

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