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'CSI' Finales Revealed

By Carolina
April 14, 2005 - 7:10 PM

The Futon Critic this week revealed a brief synopsis, along with the air dates, for all three of the CSIs season finales.

CSI: Miami will end its season with a number of 24 episodes, contrary to the number for previous seasons. The addition of the two super-sized episodes will also make this season of Miami the longest season of any CSI show. The finale, which will air on May 23rd, will force two of the main characters through a rough transition. Michael Ausiello, of TV Guide's Ask Ausiello column, has confirmed change is coming in Calleigh Duquesne's way, "in this season's final episode, Calleigh quits ballistics after she gets assaulted at a crime scene," the columnist reported.

Change is also coming for Horatio Caine, who will finally put the questions to his brother's death to rest, but not in peace. The Futon Critic has described the episode as follows, "After four years, Horatio (David Caruso) finally learns the truth about what happened to his brother Raymond, and the repercussions will change Horatio's life forever."

Massive speculation regarding the "is he/isn't he" death of Raymond Caine began earlier this month, with fans wondering if his reappearance will be nothing more than metaphysical. However, a casting call at U Gossip might put the speculation to rest. According to the website, an unnamed casting agency is currently looking for, "an actor to play the long-lost brother of David Caruso's character, Horatio Caine, on CSI: Miami." The casting call also confirmed the character will not come back in ghost form and his apparition will not be a dream.

CSI will also break out of the conventional 23-episode mold and will finish off with 24 episodes instead. The already hyped season finale, which has been named "Grave Danger", will promise to leave fans waiting all summer to learn of the fate of one of the characters: "The life of a CSI team member is in grave danger in the explosive season finale directed by Quentin Tarantino." The producers have confirmed the episode will see more bugs and blood than usual, and that the CSI in danger may not be Grissom, but a character on his team (news). The story for the episode was created by Tarantino himself, and was written by Anthony Zuiker, Carol Mendelsohn, and Naren Shankar. "Grave Danger" is set to air on May 19th.

Unlike its predecessors, CSI: New York will close its freshman season with 23 episodes. The season finale, which will air on May 18th, will put Mac Taylor in a compromising position. The Futon Critic described the episode as follows, "Mac (Gary Sinise) finds himself in the middle of a mysterious shooting at his local coffee shop, forcing him to choose between chasing a killer and saving a life. Mac's subsequent investigation leads to a world where killers walk free and the limitation of the human eye mean that what you see is what you see, until proven otherwise."

Details for these and many other shows' finales can be found at The Futon Critic and Ask Ausiello. Thanks to Al Forno for the casting news!

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