'Miami' Gets Hot And Heavy In 'Death Bed'

By Carolina
March 14, 2005 - 8:07 AM

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The death of a business woman at a trendy Miami club has Calleigh investigating a dating agency while Horatio looks for an 'undercover' killer in "Death Bed".

According to CSI Files sources, the episode begins in the always buzzing Miami night scene, where Robert Smythe and Kim Burton are getting comfortable in bed. Robert is a little reluctant; he doesn't know if he can do 'this'. But Kim is confident enough for the both of them. This is easy, she claims. Seductively, she reaches for her purse, gets out of bed, and pulls the curtains back to reveal the couple isn't in their own bed after all, but in a club.

The latest Miami trend, Club Rack, where chairs are lacking and beds are abundant. Kim walks towards the bar, passing numerous occupied beds on her way, and orders a couple of drinks. When Robert joins her again, Kim is in the middle of a petty conversation with Linda, a beautiful woman she met at the bar. Kim introduces the couple and the two immediately hit it off. Robert invites Linda to his bed and Kim, pleased with her work, watches them go. Mickey Shanigan, the bartender, is neither impressed nor disinterested as Kim hands him sufficient money to cover for Robert and Linda's escapades. Kim also inquires about an unoccupied bed, and after paying a hefty price for it, the woman retrieves onto it to relax. Relaxation, however, never comes as Kim pulls back the curtains and walks in, unaware of the shadowed figure that looms inside.

Ryan and Calleigh are at the scene of the crime just a couple of hours later. After a brief check-up, Alexx concludes Kim died of asphyxiation. Bystanders look on as Ryan and Calleigh begin to look for evidence and talk to possible witnesses, one of them being Mickey Shanigan, who informs them the victim spent five thousand dollars the night before. Five thousand dollars seems like a lot of money on drinks, but Kim was not just spending money on herself; she was buying drinks for practically everyone at the club. The CSIs are surprised, but one of the bystanders isn't. Gabrielle Mariano claims Kim's presence at Club Rack was not pleasure related, or at least not for herself, as the woman reveals Kim was a prostitute.

Detective Tripp provides a background check on Kim, but if the woman was, in fact, a prostitute she was never arrested for it. Calleigh joins him at the police station and together they visit Kim's home, where they meet Noelle, Kim's friend and partner, who explains Kim was not a prostitute but a business woman. Together, they own Wingchicks.com, a small 'fix-up' agency. The business is built under the alleged fact that women are most likely to talk to strange men if another woman introduces them, as was the case of Robert and Linda. Noelle claims no animosity between her and Kim, as her job was to handle the finances as Kim introduced the clients to unaware women. Calleigh is shocked, but Noelle informs her that the agency has a 100% success rate, as they only choose men who are dateable, no 'fatties' or 'uglies'. Sounds like their meticulous screening process might alienate quite a couple of men, Calleigh presumes, but enemies is not the only thing Noelle has to worry about, as the CSIs later discover one of Wingchicks.com's clients may have been using the agency's services to rape women.

Meanwhile, Horatio and Yelina are on the case of a drug deal gone bad. Clint Roster and his partner were dealing cocaine out of their car when they were approached by two undercover cops, one of whom shot Roster's partner before feeling the scene. Horatio is confused. Narcotics claims none of their agents were in the area, but Clint Roster knows what he saw, and he very clearly saw a police badge being shoved in his face right before all hell broke loose. A junkie's statement, but a statement nonetheless. Now, Horatio can't help but remember his brother Raymond as he tries to decide if Clint Roster is lying, or if they are dealing with two dirty cops.

And caught in the middle of the two cases, Eric Delko's job comes in jeopardy when he loses his badge and it is later found at the scene of a gruesome murder. In the middle of an emotional whirlwind the CSI must confront IAB's own Rick Stetler and pay the consequences of his carelessness as he tries to figure out how his badge ended up in the hands of a killer.

Please note that the above plot details have not been confirmed by CBS, Alliance Atlantis or Bruckheimer Films, and until such time you should treat this information as you would any other rumour. The above information comes from early script drafts and the details and the airing order of the episodes are liable to change before the episodes are shown.

"Death Bed" will most likely air in May, 2005.

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