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New ‘CSI’ Season Six Details Come To Light

By Carolina
September 13, 2005 - 5:39 PM

The producers of CSI are looking at a more character driven show this season, revealed various sources this week.

Season six will see the members of the Vegas team reacting to the gripping events of the season finale in their own way, and Grissom’s request to have his "guys" back will not be in vain. "The team is back together," co-executive producer Josh Berman told US magazine. "And they all have a new appreciation for life."

Such a deep appreciation that one of the main characters will surprise fans by taking the plunge down the aisle. In light of the eye-opening events of "Grave Danger," Warrick Brown will get married prior to reporting back to the lab. As for the new Mrs. Brown, the producers of the show are currently looking at Hispanic, Asian, and African American actresses in search of Warrick’s wife, who is described as a, "beautiful nurse." Warrick’s hasty marriage won’t come to a hasty separation, either: the producers are considering turning his bride into a recurring character.

Warrick’s decision to get married will most likely infuse some tension between him and Catherine Willows, as both characters have been dancing circles around each other for a couple of years. Willows's professional life will also hit the rocks early during the season when Grissom gets his team back. The move will leave Willows with an important decision to make: remain the swing shift supervisor or be demoted. Berman revealed Willows will return to Grissom and the rest of the team, "out of love."

And it seems the team was separated for so long, they won’t be able to get enough of each other this season. Berman also announced that during a stay at a remote location, "Grissom sleeps with another CSI member." But will this sleeping involve sex? Berman remained elusive as usual.

Meanwhile, Nick Stokes will come face to face with someone who had familial ties to his kidnapping. According to CSI Files sources, Kelly Gordon, daughter of Nick’s kidnapper Walter Gordon, will make a telling appearance during the 4th episode of the season.

In it, Nick attends Gordon’s parole hearing to learn there is a second voice on the tape Gordon left for him in the coffin, as was discovered by Grissom. The tape is played for Kelly in hopes she'll help with the investigation, but Kelly mantains she doesn’t recognize the voice. Though learning Gordon had an accomplice shocks Nick, he may be more upset about the fact that Grissom has been investigating his kidnapping behind his back.

The new season of CSI is set to premiere September 23rd on CBS. Pick up the latest copy of US to read Berman's comments.

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