'Miami' Victim Looks To Settle 'The Score'

By Carolina
December 12, 2005 - 10:30 AM

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In the first CSI: Miami episode of 2006, entitled "The Score" the gang investigates the murder of a pickup artist with few friends and plenty of enemies.

According to CSI Files sources, the episode starts at a private party in Miami. Todd Manning and Paul Sanders are there for educational purposes: the two have been taking a class on how to pickup women. Their teacher, Wayne Tisdale, asks them to choose a lady and practice what they've learned. Paul succeeds the first time around, feeding a young woman a cheesy line that enchants her instantly. Todd, however, isn't as smooth as his friend. Eventually, he couples up with a random woman, and the two head towards the bedroom to consummate their meeting. Just as they stumble into bed, however, the couple find themselves surrounded by blood. Todd's new girlfriend screams – there on the floor is Paul, dead, his neck ravaged.

At the party, the CSIs proceed to interrogate and collect the clothes of everyone who'd come in contact with Paul as Calleigh talks to Heather Young, the woman Paul had picked up the night before. Heather claims she was at the party doing research. She writes a newspaper column entitled Better Sex, and her latest project was an expose on pickup artists. Heather says she let Paul pick her up so she could learn the system, which includes all kinds of tricks designed to get women into bed. She was disgusted by Paul's antics, but swears she didn't kill him: as soon as they got to the bedroom Heather revealed herself to Paul as a reporter and left. Calleigh isn't convinced Heather is innocent and Heather isn't surprised Paul ended up dead – he dedicated his life to hurting women and eventually got what he deserved.

Back at the lab, the CSIs examine Paul's clothes and find traces of soy. A quick examination of the partygoers' garments leads them to Wayne Tisdale, Paul's teacher, who wears soy clothes because women love them. An expert manipulator, Wayne tries to convince the CSIs he'd merely given Paul a good luck hug the night before. But if there's one woman out there who doesn't fall for cheap tricks it's Calleigh, who is convinced the two men had a fight instead. Apparently, Paul was planning to start a class of his own, igniting Wayne's fury. Wayne gives in and admits he shoved Paul around, but never killed him. The man becomes their primary suspect nonetheless, but as the CSIs continue the investigation they find Heather Young hit the bulls-eye when she said men like Paul create enemies wherever they go.

Meanwhile, Horatio steps out of the case to tend to personal matters. When Marisol Delko is detained for trying to buy marijuana from an undercover cop, she gives the arresting officer Horatio's card. Horatio takes jurisdiction, knowing Marisol's purchase was medicinal and not recreational, and let's her go, promising the young woman he won't tell Delko what happened. It's not the only secret they'll keep from Eric Delko that day: Horatio and Marisol proceed to have a budding lunch together. But Horatio's family problems won't allow him to enjoy this new developing relationship for long.

The lieutenant receives another troubling phone call that afternoon. Suzie Keaton, Raymond Caine's ex-mistress, has landed herself into trouble again, and her daughter Madison is being taken care of by the state. The social worker lets Horatio know they'll be placing Madison with a foster family, something Horatio wants to avoid at all costs. The state allows him to find a suitable family for Madison, but his refusal to let his niece be raised by strangers coupled with her real father's absence leaves Horatio with limited options.

Please note that the above plot details have not been confirmed by CBS, Alliance Atlantis or Bruckheimer Films, and until such time you should treat this information as you would any other rumour. The above information comes from early script drafts and the details and the airing order of the episodes are liable to change before the episodes are shown.

"The Score" will most likely air during January of 2006.

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