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By Christian
November 12, 2004 - 8:27 PM

  • Missed the final minutes of CSI: New York's "Outside Man" on Wednesday? You can tune in for the repeat tonight (story), or you can head over to the web site of CBS 2 in Chicago, who have uploaded a streaming video file of the missing four minutes.

  • Doc Hollywood Kidz has announced that Khandi Alexander (CSI: Miami's Alexx Woods) will star in and co-produce a film based on her children's nvoel Marlowe's Travels. The book is based on whirlwind lifestyle of a five-year-old little boy who just happens to be the son of a famous and extremely eccentric film star. Alexander will also co-produce a second film for Doc Hollywood Kidz, but no details on this were announced.

  • After Time Magazine (story), the Boston Herald is now also running a story on the effect CSI has on juries throughout the country, who are increasingly demanding conclusive DNA or fingerprint evidence. "Defense attorneys are able to exploit that lack of evidence when in fact none of that evidence should necessarily be expected," district attorney Daniel Conley is quoted as saying in the full article.

  • Pat Clar at the Modesto Bee has spotted a new trend: scripted television shows are making a comeback over reality TV, with the three CSI shows playing a major role in this phenomenon, as well as new hits such as Desperate Housewives and Lost.

  • The Scripps Howard News Service has sent out a set of trivia for CSI fans to its participating newspapers, including the Journal Inquirer, in honour of the show's upcoming 100th episode. The article also contains a small interview with Robert David Hall (Dr. Robbins), in which he says that he gets "letters from kids with disabilities who are surprised [he has] a disability [himself]. It's gratifying to hear from people who want to tell you how much they love the show and you." Thanks go out to 'Colonel Worf' for this!

  • Kate Aurthur at the New York Times has written an article (free registration required) about the many actors who make a living playing corpses on crime shows. One of the people interviewed is 21-year old Danica Stewart, who appeared as a dead body in both CSI: Miami's "Camp Fear" and this week's regular CSI episode "Formalities". "On C.S.I.: Miami I played a dead body, too. And my eyes were open on that one. It's so much better when they're closed, because when they're open you can't blink and you have to have no movement in your eyes. So I was like, 'Eyes are closed, whew.' " Thanks go out to Al Forno for this!

  • Bill Frost at the Salt Lake City Weekly has written a CSI random quip generator contest, in which viewers can guess which show-opening murder scene quips were actually used on CSI over the past few weeks. Thanks again to Al Forno!

  • 'Sobell' at Television Without Pity awarded CSI's "Formalities" a C+ in her thumbnail sketch of the episode. "[The] high point of the episode took place before the credits. There was some snappy banter between Gil and Catherine. There was Gil in a tuxedo. And there was Gil flipping the bird to The Man and heading out to work a case rather than make a speech for Ecklie. And it was all downhill after that." The full recap will be posted at TWoP soon.

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