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CBS Releases 'Invisible Evidence' Trailer

By Caillan
October 12, 2003 - 11:18 AM

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'Invisible Evidence' image - copyright CBSCBS recently debuted the promo for this week's CSI: Crime Scene Investigation episode, "Invisible Evidence".

In the episode, the CSIs only have 24 hours to drum up new evidence to convict a killer after a key piece of evidence is thrown out of court. Former 24 star Xander Berkeley makes his debut as the new sheriff of Las Vegas County, Rory Atwater.

The 30-second trailer is available for download online from the official CBS web site. For those of you with slower connections, here's a transcript:

[Quick shot of a teenage girl, Rachael Lightford.]
[The camera pans over photos of Rachael laid out on the desk.]
Catherine: (off-screen) "Rachel Lightford, 19."
[Nick takes a photo and looks at it.]
[Catherine hands out photos to the other CSIs.]
Catherine: "Murdered in her apartment."
[In the apartment, Catherine is on her hands and knees, searching for evidence.]


[Shot of a busy courtroom.]
[Text: 'Thursday']
[Warrick is sitting in the witness box.]
[Close-up of a pair of hands holding a bloody knife.]
[A lawyer addresses the courtroom.]
Lawyer: "That knife was the product of an unlawful search."
[The camera pans over to Grissom sitting in the courtroom.]
[Angle on Warrick in the witness box.]
[The judge delivers a grim verdict.]
Judge: "If you can't make your case, Mister Fife walks."
[The victim's family look on in horror.]
[Text: 'TV's Most-Watched Show']
[The judge bangs his gavel.]
[Text: '24 Hours']
Grissom: (off-screen) "For the next 24 hours..."
[Grissom walks out of the courtroom with Warrick.]
Grissom: "...we're breaking the rules."
[Text: 'Will Make']
[Nick and Sara stand outside together.]
Sara: "What the hell happened?"
[Text: 'Or Break']
[A distressed woman stands in the middle of the crime lab, shouting.]
Distressed Woman: "Does anybody care?"
[Technicians turn around and look at the woman.]
[Text: 'Their Case']
Nick: (off-screen) "She just wants to know that someone around here..."
[Warrick gets up from his set to confront Nick.]
[Nick continues regardless.]
Nick "...gives a damn, Warrick."
[Text: 'Don't']
[Grissom gazes into a microscope.]
[Text: 'Miss']
[Sara stands up against the wall as Grissom tests out a theory.]
[Text: 'One']
[Catherine shines her torch.]
[Text: 'Minute']
[Warrick bangs his head against a locker.]


[Text: 'CSI: Crime Scene Investigation - New Episode - Thursday - 9/8C']

To download the trailer in streaming Real Media format, head over to the CBS web site.

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