Cibrian: Everybody Knows Who I Am

By Rachel
August 12, 2009 - 4:27 AM

Eddie Cibrian will join the cast of CSI: Miami as a new team member who has a history with the Miami-Dade PD.

As CSI Files previously reported, Cibrian will play Jesse Cardoza. The character first appears in the flashback during the season eight premiere. "We go back 12 years in time, and he's actually a homicide detective in Miami and he makes such an impression on me that we invite him to the team in the future, which is great," leading man David Caruso (Horatio Caine) explained to Entertainment Tonight. "So he's a part of the team."

Cardoza was around when the Miami police department first formed the CSI division. The character was saying goodbye to the Sunshine State just as Calleigh Duquesne (Emily Procter) was making a place for herself in the lab. "It was Emily Procter's first day, and it was my last day," Cibrian explained, "and I left to go to Los Angeles to take care of my father there, and then I became a police detective in Los Angeles. So I've been gone for the past ten years or something like that, so when I come back in the second episode, everybody knows who I am. They don't know why I'm coming back, they don't know what I'm doing here, but they know who Jesse Cardoza is, which I thought was interesting."

To film the flashback, each of the characters had to look 12 years younger. "They gave me a funny hairdo, which everyone had in 1997," Cibrian said. "I'm sure they put beautiful filters on and made it really soft light so everyone looks so lovely." Caruso added, "It is amazing what they can do on the computer."

Joining an established series like Miami was great for Cibrian. "To come onto a show that's been on for this long, the bugs are all worked out," he said. "And if they're not worked out, David squashes those bugs and they get worked out pretty quickly."

During Cardoza's first day in the present, which is the second episode of Miami's eighth season, the character finds himself in a hostage situation. As CSI Files previously reported, Cardoza will find himself in danger--and without his shirt. People posted a first look at the scene, sharing a picture of Cibrian kneeling next to a supine figure without his shirt on. According to People, he uses his shirt to stop the bleeding when the person is shot.

People also reports that Cheryl Ladd and singer/actress Tia Carrere will guest star in an episode of Miami during October. Ladd plays a wealthy woman who lives by "The Cougar Code". She is a charitable wife in public, and she dates younger men in private.

The original interview with Cibrian and Caruso is from ET Online. The picture of Cibrian and the information about Ladd's guest role are from People. Thanks to mandy9578 and Shane from TalkCSI for the heads up.

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