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Las Vegas's Dead Come Back To Life In 'Toe Tags'

By Carolina
July 12, 2006 - 7:10 PM

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In the first episode of CSI's 7th season, entitled "Toe Tags" viewers get to find out what happens to the dead after the white sheets are drawn over their bodies for the last time.

According to CSI Files sources, "Toe Tags" takes us directly into Dr. Robbins's morgue, where he's just finished the autopsy on a woman named Donna Altman. Doc Robbins puts Donna in one of the autopsy drawers and shuts it close, turns all the lights off and heads home for the night. The morgue is quiet, but suddenly Donna's eyes open and she comes to life. She sits up and looks around her, and finds the body of another woman, Rebecca McGill, next to her. Rebecca is already awake, and the two women quickly bond over their similar states. Donna and Rebecca lived very different lives but now they have something in common: they're both dead.

Donna can't remember how she got to the morgue. In life, she worked for a Japanese man named Tao Li, and as a former cop, her job was to protect him from any possible enemies whenever he did business in Vegas. Donna doesn't know how she died or why, but she's sure someone out there is going to find these answers. Catherine and Brass are determined to do this. Donna's body was found in an elevator of The Orpheus hotel and casino. Catherine and Brass talk to Tao Li, but he has a strong alibi: he was gambling in the casinos when Donna was killed. Could Donna have been murdered by Mr. Li's supposed enemies? Both Catherine and Donna won't rest until these questions are answered.

Rebecca, a former super model, recently married Gavin McGill, a geek. Rebecca knew in life she and Gavin where an unlikely pair, beauty and the geek, but she fell in love with Gavin. The couple went on a hike the day before when Rebecca suddenly fell off the cliff and into her death. Outside the morgue, Warrick and Sofia interrogate Gavin, who tells them Rebecca has been suffering strong depressions. He rejects their implication that Rebecca could've jumped to her death, after all, he and Rebecca were planning to have a family, and suicidal people don't make plans. Gavin is then infuriated when Warrick and Sofia imply Gavin killed Rebecca. In fact, the only theory Gavin will accept is that Rebecca's death was merely an accident. Unfortunately, this is the one theory Warrick and Sofia can't accept.

Back in the morgue, Jack Snook suddenly comes to life in the drawer next to Donna and Rebecca's. He's looking for his wife and baby daughter, and is relieved to find out they're still alive. His Semper Fi tattoo indicates Jack is a Marine, and he recently completed his tour of Iraq. Jack came home the very same week he was killed in the streets of Vegas. He met his daughter for the first time, and quickly all was taken away from him when a man stepped up to him and his family in a gas station and stabbed Jack to death. Jack doesn't know why he was killed. Outside the morgue, Nick and Greg are finding it hard to answer that question as well.

The morgue is filled with sound and life again when Lou Beltran and Ray Gaynor come to. Lou complains that he's not supposed to be there; Ray, who is missing an arm, merely takes comfort from a cigarette. Grissom and Sara are investigating their deaths, which seem to have something in common: a chain saw. Their bodies are found in Lou's garage; Lou has a deep gash on his neck, Ray is missing an arm. Lou's wife explains she and Lou were in the middle of a nasty divorce but she can't be a suspect, as she was in an airplane when Lou was killed. Grissom and Sara don't seem to have many suspects, but that doesn't stop them from trying to find out what happened to Lou and Ray.

Doc Robbin's morgue isn't hell, heaven, or the purgatory, but merely a waiting room for whatever comes next to these characters. Donna, Rebecca, Jack, Lou, and Ray can't tell what's coming next for them, for now, all they can do is lie in their drawers and hope the CSIs solve their cases and bring them justice so they can move on and finally rest in peace.

Please note that the above plot details have not been confirmed by CBS, Alliance Atlantis or Bruckheimer Films, and until such time you should treat this information as you would any other rumour. The above information comes from early script drafts and the details of the episodes are liable to change before the episodes are shown.

"Toe Tags" is expected to air in late September of 2006.

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