Tarantino Will Not Leave Fans Hanging

By Carolina
May 12, 2005 - 5:49 PM

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Quentin Tarantino last night appeared on the Late Show with David Letterman, where the director revealed the CSI finale, "Grave Danger", will not be a cliffhanger.

The director appeared on the Letterman show as part of his publicity tour for his CSI episode. Unfortunately, no excerpts from his Letterman interview have yet appeared online. However, Canadian broadcaster CTV also recently interviewed Letterman, and posted a clip of its interview online.

Speaking to CTV, Tarantino revealed he didn't exclusively sit behind the cameras for the two-hour season finale, but also came up with the plot for "Grave Danger". Though initially the director was only testing the waters regarding his involvement with the show, the dark plot instantly got him excited. "So I came in there and it was just you know, an idea that thin," Tarantino said. "In an hour we kinda talked out the entire episode. After we did that it was like, 'well, of course Iím gonna do it now! I like the story too much, I like, can't let it go now!'"

Tarantino was approached by the producers this year after they learned he was a fan of the show. The Pulp Fiction director admitted, he hasn't missed a single episode. "I love the mystery aspects of it, and figuring out how it all works out." Tarantino also revealed that as much as he likes the mystery, it's the characters that keep him in front of his television on Thursday nights. "I really love Grissom's character," he said. "To me he's something of a modern day icon."

Tarantino directed the two-hour season finale that will put one of the CSIs, Nick Stokes, six feet underground as the other characters race against the clock to save his life. The director revealed there's logic behind choosing Nick as the victim. "It was just sort of a natural thing," the director explained. "Nick's always kinda wanted an approval from Grissom that he's never exactly felt that he's gotten. That's always kind of been there and now that was the subtext, and little by little as we were writing it started becoming text." But when asked if Nick would survive the episode, the director remained silent. "I can't talk about it."

To watch a video of Tarantino's interview on CTV, visit this link. "Grave Danger" will on May 19th at a special time, 8/9c.

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