Eads: My Father Influenced Stokes

By Antony
March 12, 2003 - 12:38 PM

George Eads (Nick Stokes) has spoken about how his father influenced his portrayal of his character in CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.

"My dad would be in tears going over autopsy photos of kids who were murdered," Eads told KnoxNews, explaining that his father was the district attorney in Belton, Texas. "This show is kind of an ode to my father and people like him and their work. I come from a family whose father was a lawman for 26 years. He had 30 years as a public servant."

It is respect for his father, and people like him, that gave Eads a basis for playing Stokes. "I think I have a respect for these public servants," he said, "for firemen, investigators and police officers. They don't do it for the money. They do it for the people. The victims can't fight for themselves anymore. I pattern a lot of how Nick acts after my dad and some of his values and beliefs."

It wasn't just his father's career that gave him grounding for the role, and it was childhood activities too. The actor explained that murdering deer as a child helped him then deal with the fictional murders portrayed in CSI. "I did this ritualistic hunting with my dad when I was a kid [so] I can handle gore pretty well," he said.

The full interview can be found here at KnoxNews.

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