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First ‘Redrum’ Plot Details Revealed

By Deborah
November 11, 2006 - 4:56 AM

According to CSI Files sources, “Redrum” will open with Assemblyman Raho Ortiz, 30s, a rising star in Nevada politics, getting out of his Toyota Prius on the side of a dark, deserted road. He has pulled over to meet up the driver of an older 300 series BMW. Ortiz walks toward the BMW, but stops dead in his tracks when the driver gets out. It’s not who he expected. None the less, Ortiz knows the driver – Simon Keane, the biggest drug supplier on the west coast.

Ortiz asks Keane about a woman named Monique. Keane tells Ortiz she sends her regrets. Ortiz suddenly understands why he’s been summoned to this remote location. Keane wants Ortiz to kill a new law Ortiz is trying to pass. Ortiz refuses. Keane shows Ortiz an 8x10 photo, threatening that if the law passes, the photo will go public and Ortiz’ career will be over.

Ortiz, unfazed, tears up the picture and heads back to his car. Keane pulls a gun and shoots Ortiz. It takes three shots before Ortiz finally dies. Keane gets scared and runs back to his own car, peeling out.

When Keane runs back to his car, he leaves a nice foot impression in the dirt. The CSI’s find the impression at the scene. They also find “black plague” (a mixture of heroin, cocaine and methamphetamine) in Ortiz’ car.

Brass shows up at Keane’s favorite strip club with a warrant for his arrest, only to learn that Keane has been in hiding for the past three weeks.

Catherine and Brass meet with Undersheriff McKeen and Michael Keppler to discuss the case. Catherine says they’ve done their part by identifying the killer. However, the killer is in hiding.

Brass meets with drug dealer, Edwin Denson (aka “Rat”), to seek his cooperation in providing information.

Sara investigates the death of a stick-thin woman in her thirties, found in a weekly apartment, surrounded by drug paraphernalia, including black plague.

Catherine assigns Nick and Warrick to investigate twenty stolen motorcycles being held at the police impound lot.

Not far from the Ortiz crime scene, Rat stands at the scene of another murder. That of Daniel Holstein. The Holstein crime scene looks remarkably similar to the Ortiz scene. Rat leaves shoe impressions and a jumbo diet cola at the scene.

Due to the similarities between the Holstein murder and the murder of Assemblyman Ortiz, a media circus ensues.

Please note that the above plot details have not been confirmed by CBS, Alliance Atlantis or Bruckheimer Films, and until such time you should treat this information as you would any other rumour. The above information comes from early script drafts and the details of the episodes are liable to change before the episodes are shown.

“Redrum” is expected to air on the 14th of December, 2006.

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