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CBS Releases 'Bad Beat' Promo

By Carolina
November 11, 2005 - 11:30 PM

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CBS yesterday released the promo for the new episode of CSI: New York.

In "Bad Beat," a friendly poker game turns deadly when the players realize one of their own is cheating, beat him mercilessly and kick him out of their apartment. When a knock on the door is followed by a shotgun blast that kills the host, Mac and Stella follow their only lead, the ejected player. Meanwhile, Danny and Dr. Hawkes investigate the murder of a local news station's weather girl and their search uncovers a tape she was desperately trying to hide. The episode was written Zachary Reiter.

The trailer is currently available for download at CBS.com. For those of you with slower connections, here's a full transcript with screen caps of the trailer.


[Four men are sitting around a table, playing poker.]
[One man passes the cards around.]
[Another one pushes a stack of chips to the center of the table.]
[Close-up on a man's eyes as he looks around, poker face.]
[The first man continues to distribute the cards.]
CSI  Secrets & Flies [In the present, a man addresses someone. He's got several fresh scars on his face.]
Man: "I got caught cheating."
[Flashback: The same man is thrown around by his friends.]
[Flashback: They kick him and punch him as he lays on the floor.]
[Flashback: One of them punches him in the face.]
[Flashback: The group throws him out of the apartment as another man threatens him.]
Man: "I see your face again, you die."


[The New York skyline.]
[Text-over: 'High Stakes Poker.']
[A man looks up when his doorbell rings.]
[His friend looks up.]
Friend: "Some people never learn.]
[Still with the cards in one hand, the third man looks at the other two.]
[The host approaches the door and looks through the peephole.]
[Suddenly he finds himself staring into the barrel of a gun.]
CSI  Secrets & Flies [The gun goes off with a loud bang.]
[Stella addresses someone.]
Stella: "Maybe he had an ace up his sleeve?"
[Mac, Lindsay, and Flack walk around the crime scene. Mac is hovering over the body.]
Mac: "This man was drawn dead."


[The New York skyline.]
[Text-over: 'A Weather Girl Gone Wild.']
[A fuzzy video plays, but we can't see what it is.]
[Danny and Hawkes are at the lab, they tip their heads to the side as they watch the video.]
[Lindsay walks by the hallway but stops when she sees what they're watching. There's a loud moan coming from the video.]
[Shot of woman's well manicured hand on the ground.]
[A woman is dead in the park. Danny and Hawkes roll her over as Hawkes examines her.]
Hawkes: "Victim suffered force blunt trauma."
[Flashback: A victim is walking through the park when she's hit on the back of the head with a club.]
[Flashback: Her body jerks forward and she falls.]
[Danny addresses someone.]
Danny: "You know about the video tape, don't you?"
[Close-up of the video tape in question. It's a porno movie called Stormy Nights, starring the victim.]
CSI  Secrets & Flies [A man reacts strongly.]
Man: "That could ruin my marriage."
[A blonde woman and a man are in a room, making out, she's shirtless.]
[Danny and Lindsay are watching the video.]
Lindsay: "Footage from your 30th birthday party, Messer?"


[The New York skyline.]
[Text-over: 'CSI: NY. New Episode Wednesday 10/9c.']

To view the trailer of this new CSI: New York episode, head over to the official CSI: New York website.

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