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Adam Rodriguez Goes From Big Leagues To Hollywood

By Carolina
April 11, 2005 - 11:55 PM

CBS.com recently went behind the scenes at the set of CSI: Miami to sit down with Adam Rodriguez (Eric Delko). In the interview, the actor revealed what led him into the business and what his plans for the future are.

Rodriguez, who originally wanted to play professional baseball but abandoned his dream due to an injury, admitted to being a class clown when he was younger and found in acting a chance to express himself without getting into trouble, and at the same time a way to satiate his love for literature. "I was always a big film buff I loved movies I loved stories and I loved reading and all the things that kind make, you know, getting into the movie business something you might be interested in and so I did that [...] And then when I was about 19, I was going to community college on and off, and took a class down and realized, you know something, if I'm not going to play sports then this is something I could really get up and enjoy doing every day, cause that's what it's all about, it's about loving what you do."

The 30 year-old actor has to have a lot of love for his job, which he revealed takes a physical toll on the entire production team due to the long hours everyone on the crew, including the actors, has to work. "We pretty much keep it to 13, 13 and a half, every once in a while 14 hour day on our show, and I have to credit the producers with keeping a tight schedule on that, you know, and the crew being efficient and working hard and just really plowing through the day," he said. "We go for almost 10 months, working those kinds of hours, so we're at the time now, actually, where everyone's really tired, ready to be done with the season. And I gotta really give everyone a lot of credit for pushing through and working that hard."

Despite his hectic schedule on the set of Miami, however, Rodriguez has big, creative plans for his future. "I think I have a little more of a passion for producing, but I certainly would like to try my hand at directing. I love the movie making process. Not the business necessarily, but the process and I look forward to sort of playing more of a role, other than just acting, in that process."

The rest of the interview, which includes information regarding Rodriguez's upcoming projects, can be seen as a streaming RealMedia file at CBS.com.

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