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High School Reunion Turns Deadly In 'Miami'

By Carolina
April 11, 2005 - 9:27 PM

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Ryan and Calleigh investigate the murder of an ex-jock at a high school reunion while Horatio tries to bring the murderer of his brother's killer to justice in this upcoming episode of CSI: Miami.

According to CSI Files sources, the episode takes us to the midst of a high school reunion, where, 15 years after graduation, a lot has changed. Cheerleaders have turned into cynics; class clowns into class jokes, and Most Likely to Succeeds into ghosts. The Gables High class of 1990 has seen its waves of ups and downs, but at high school reunions things rarely are what they seem, and so everyone pretends their lives are better than they actually are, but they pretend without enthusiasm. Everyone, that is, but Jason Hale, ex-quarterback, who has retained most of his high school qualities immature, bully, and overly self-confident. Qualities that intimidate in high school, create grudges in college, and are cause for murder in the real world. As Jason leaves the bathroom to return to the party, he unexpectedly receives a blow to the back of his head, and then another one, until the ex-jock falls to the floor and can defend himself no longer. The killer, cold and unsympathetic, leaves him there to die.

Ryan is on his way to the crime scene when he notices a distraught woman leaning on to her friend for emotional support. Jennie Hale, former head cheerleader, is mourning the death of her husband. Tripp asks the body haulers to take Jason out the back, but Jennie Hale insists on seeing her husband one last time. Ryan reluctantly agrees and keeps an eye out for Jennie's reaction, which goes from grief to shock when she notices a purple bruise on Jason's neck it's a hickie, and Mrs. Hale didn't put it there. Some things never change, and unfortunately Jennie Hale has to learn that the hard way. Her friend, Krystal Sneed, doesn't need to start an investigation of her own to know what happened. Seems Jason Hale had a knack for cheating on his wife, even back in high school, where he always chased after the "undesirables", particularly Michelle Ferraro, who made her presence well known at the reunion.

Ryan talks to Michelle, a wild cat who was a rebel in high school and continues to be a rebel now. She admits the hickie was her doing in an attempt to mess with Jason. Ryan is confused, so Michelle explains Jason always treated her badly and humiliated her in high school. The hickie was a childish attempt at payback, but to Ryan it sounds like murder would be more suiting. Michelle admits she hated Jason and isn't sorry he died, but insists she didn't kill him. Her word doesn't mean anything to Ryan, but he dismisses Michelle as a possible suspect when he and Calleigh learn Jennie Hale had taken out a million dollar life insurance policy on Jason just an hour before he died. They seemed to have it all figured out, but with so many other suspects and so many motives, the CSIs soon realize even in high school reunion investigations things rarely are what they seem.

Meanwhile, Horatio is called on to investigate the murder of a person he knew very well Bob Keaton, otherwise known as the murderer of Raymond Caine. The death is evidently drug related, and whoever killed Keaton made sure to clean the scene before they left. The evidence leads Horatio and Delko to Julio Renteria, a Colombian drug dealer who admits he sold cocaine to Keaton but didn't kill him. His word will have to be put under the microscope, but as Horatio and Delko leave Renteria's estate, the man is murdered by a sniper. The case suddenly takes an explosive turn when Horatio and Delko discover Julio Renteria's drug business was only one of the pillars of a greater violent scheme, and leads Horatio to discover more secrets about the death of his brother.

"Episode 22" will air in May, 2005.

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