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It's A Bad Day For A White Wedding In 'New York'

By Carolina
February 11, 2005 - 7:53 PM

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CBS yesterday released the full trailer of the upcoming CSI: New York episode, "Till Death Do We Part".

In this episode, Mac and Danny investigate the mysterious death of a young bride who collapses during her wedding ceremony. When the CSIs find out the doves that were to be released after the wedding died in a similar manner, Mac is set to find out what caused the young woman's death and how they can prevent the same from happening again. However, the investigation hits a bump when the young woman's autopsy is impeded by her father, who requests that the body be blessed by a rabbi first. Meanwhile, Stella, Aiden and Det. Flack discover the handless body of an ex-con at a Staten Island monastery that is rumored to be haunted by monks who were once murdered there.

The 30-second promo video for the episode can now be downloaded from CBS.com. For those of you on dial-up, here's a transcript of the trailer:


[At a quaintly decorated chapel, a man is walking a woman down the aisle.]
[Text-over: 'Wednesday']


[The man, presumably her father, looks at her as they walk and smiles.]
[Close-up of the bride. She looks radiant.]
[A little girl pulls on a couple of strings.]
[As she does this, a wicker basket in the shape of a heart above the bride and groom's heads opens up. Something falls out of it.]
[Shot of the little girl looking down. Scared, she takes one step back and screams.]
Till Death Do We Part - Copyright CBS [Camera zooms in on two dead white doves on the floor.]


[Shot of the bride. She's collapsing.]
[Shot of the church. The bride falls on the floor. Some people rush over to help her.]
[Close up of Stella as she curiously looks at something.]
[Crime photo of the two dead doves on the church's carpeted floor.]
[Crime photo of the bride on the floor, she's clearly dead, the doves are a foot or two away from her.]
Mac: "Two dead doves. One dead wife... looks like foul play to me."
[Mac picks up a dead dove and examines it.]


[In a darkened room, Danny is using the ultraviolet light to examine a bed.]
[Shot of Aiden as she uncovers a gun inside a car. She examines it with her flashlight.]
[At the morgue, someone unveils the bride. She's now lying on an autopsy table.]
[Hawkes addresses Mac.]
Hawkes: "Could've been an accident."
[Mac is not convinced.]
Mac: "Could've been murder."


Till Death Do We Part - Copyright CBS [In an abandoned building decorated with graffiti, a man hits another man with a club.]
[Out in the street, a man punches another man in the face.]
[Camera zooms in on a well dressed man. He's lying in a coffin, someone is removing his shirt.]
[Another man is walking down the New York streets and suddenly collapses.]
[Back at the lab, Danny interrogates a man.]
Danny: "Why did you kill Hannah Bloom?"
[The man tries to defend himself.]
Man: "Am I a suspect?"
[Close-up of a young woman as she addresses someone.]
Woman: "I was her maid of honor."
[Another suspect is being interrogated. Someone slams a picture of the deceased bride on the table in front of him.]
Mac: "That beautiful young woman died on her wedding day."
[Black and white shot at the morgue. Three men are somberly looking at the deceased bride, who is lying on a table. Two of those men are Hawkes and Mac. The other man is dressed in a suit.]
[An enraged Mac is interrogating someone. He slams his hand on the table and get close to the man's face.]
[Stella looks frustrated.]
Stella: "I'm just not convinced he did it."
[Flack is visibly upset as he argues with Stella.]
Flack: "I'm going to the DA."
Till Death Do We Part - Copyright CBS[At a church, Mac is walking down an aisle. He's interrupting a wedding.]
Mac: "I have to stop you."
[Shot of the puzzled bride, groom, and minister.]
Groom: "Who are you?"
[Close-up of Mac.]
Mac: "I'm here to save your life."
[Shot of the groom. He looks at the bride, confused.]


[The Manhattan skyline]
[Text-over: 'CSI: New York - New Episode, Wednesday 10/9c']

To view the 30-second promo in streaming Real Media format, head over to the official CSI: New York site.

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