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Watch First Scenes From 'Night, Mother'

By Caillan
December 10, 2004 - 9:42 AM

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'Night, Mother' photo - courtesy CBS.com, copyright CBSCBS Wednesday night debuted the promo for next week's instalment of CSI: New York, entitled "Night, Mother".

In the episode, Mac and Stella think they have a slam-dunk case on their hands when a blood-soaked woman is found next to a murder victim. But the case is suddenly complicated when it becomes apparent that the woman may not been consciously aware of her actions.

To download the 30-second trailer, head over to CBS.com. For those of you with slower connections, here's a transcript:

[Aerial shot of the Big Apple at night.]
[Text: 'Wednesday']
[Close-up of Mac in the dark.]
[A police officer escorts Ophelia Dichiara into the squad car.]
'Night, Mother' photo - courtesy CBS.com, copyright CBSMac (off-screen): "A woman stabs a perfect stranger, then tries to stab at the victim's heart."
[Close-up of a terrified Ophelia in the car.]
[Hero shot of Mac and Stella at the crime scene.]
[Mac stands with police officers in the background.]
Mac: "Why?"
[Words appear on a black screen: 'Could Someone Commit Murder']
[Mac slowly enters the house, shining his flashlight in front of him.]
Mac: "Looks like she was trying to keep somebody out."
[Black and white flashback: Ophelia sits up in bed.]
[Close-up of Ophelia in bed.]
Stella (off-screen): "Or trying to keep herself in."
[Words appear on a black screen: 'Without Knowing It?']
[Profile shot of Mac with his flashlight.]
[Ophelia lies in bed with breathing apparatus over her mouth.]
[Shot of Aiden Burn.]
[Mac works through the house, shining his flashlight.]
[Close-up of Stella at the crime scene.]
Stella: "The unconscious mind overrides the conscious self."
[Danny looks concerned.]
[Camera pans from Ophelia in the bed to Dr. Steven Rydell standing over her.]
'Night, Mother' photo - courtesy CBS.com, copyright CBSRydell (off-screen): "Ophelia may have no idea whether she killed or not."
[The camera tracks towards Mac standing behind a window.]
[Ophelia walks through the darkness in her nightgown.]
[Black and white flashback: Ophelia rubs her hands together.]
[Mac looks at Ophelia in her hospital bed.]
Mac: "You asked for my help."
[Ophelia looks at Mac with desperation.]
Ophelia: "Did I kill that woman?"
[Mac raises his eyebrow ever so slightly.]
[Text: 'CSI: NY - New Episode - Wednesday']

The promo can be viewed in streaming real media format at the official CBS web site.

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