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Giovinazzo Getting Used To 'New York' Groove

By Carolina
September 10, 2005 - 2:04 AM

After a year on the set of New York, Carmine Giovinazzo (Danny Messer) is finally getting used to the grueling schedule of the show.

The actor recently sat down with LA Daily News to talk about the most challenging part of making a TV show: the long hours. "I think I'm adjusted to it now. You have to pace yourself. When we're in production, I'm cutting down on the extracurricular activities I like to do, like writing music."

But that doesnít mean itís smooth sailing from now on. With the creation of Danny Messerís complicated and mysterious background, Giovinazzo has had to pull extra long hours on the set. "I've probably clocked the most hours beyond Gary [Sinise] (Mac Taylor) and Melina [Kanakaredes] (Stella Bonasera)."

Giovinazzo had his physical strength tested in the episode "The Closer" and showed off his acting training in "On The Job," but according to the actor, the most difficult scene he had to do was, "a long silence. I was just listening to Gary, having to take what he said, and walk that fine line of reacting without overreacting."

Visit LA Daily News to read the short interview.

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