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First 'Pro Per' Plot Details

By Caillan
July 10, 2004 - 7:29 AM

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When a woman is murdered at a waterfront party, the key to finding her killer may rest with her ten-year-old son in the second episode of CSI: Miami's third season, entitled "Pro Per".

The episode opens at a Miami beachfront estate where a party is in full swing, according to CSI Files sources. Ten-year-old Ritchie Valdez isn't interested in the grown-up fun, and heads down to the dock, where a small boat is approaching. His mother, Jennifer, warns him not to go too far away. Suddenly, one of the men on the boat opens fire on the party, sending guests screaming in all directions. Ritchie hits the ground, but as Jennifer looks for him in the commotion she is hit and killed.

When the authorities descend on the scene, Deuce Deuce, the hip twenty-something host of the party, tells Detective Tripp he has plenty of enemies in the world, but can't give the police any specifics. Horatio realises that their only chance to track down the killers could be an identification from Ritchie. But the shell-shocked boy can't remember anything about the incident, except that the assailant had a black gun.

The CSIs get a new lead when the coast guard spots a boat matching the description of the one that belonged to the killers. Delko and Tripp head out to sea to investigate. When they track the vessel down, there's only one occupant, Bob Davenport, on board. He swears he wasn't involved in the shooting at all -- in fact, he says the boat isn't even his and that he found it drifting on the sea. Knowing that the evidence never lies, Delko begins to process the boat...

Please note that the above plot details have not been confirmed by CBS, Alliance Atlantis or Bruckheimer Films, and until such time you should treat this information as you would any other rumour. The above information comes from an early draft of the script and details may change before the episode goes to air.

"Pro Per" will likely screen in September or October, 2004.

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