ALERT: 'Entertainment Tonight' On The Set Of 'Free Fall'

By Carolina
April 10, 2006 - 2:46 PM

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In a segment that will air tonight, Entertainment Tonight will go behind the scenes of the new CSI: Miami episode "Free Fall."

"We are here today because two characters from a previous episode have decided to come back, and there has been some money stolen and now, in order to get away, they have decided to jump off the bridge," Emily Procter (Calleigh Duquesne) explained.

The characters she refers to are Leo and Sienna, who were first seen in the episode "Fade Out." The characters in this new episode steal money that belongs to a Colombian drug lord and instantly become targets. Leo and Sienna, however, decide they'd rather kill themselves by jumping off a bridge than fall pray to bigger predators.

It's an amazing stunt the actors had to perform, and Procter's only complain is she may never get to see her character jump off a bridge or do something equally spectacular. "Calleigh never gets to do anything," she lamented. "Once in awhile someone will take a shot at me, but I don't understand why Calleigh and Wolfe can't go off something high, as well. Maybe not deathly high; or maybe a parachute."

"We do the biggest, most Bruckheimer-y stunts in the business," said Jonathan Togo (Ryan Wolfe) as he watched the stunt people jump off the bridge. "As spectacular as they are to watch on television, it is that awesome to see in person, too. Everyday, I am amazed and shocked."

Head over to ET Online for a preview of tonight's segment.

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