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Zuiker Reveals The Inspiration For ‘CSI’

By Deborah
December 9, 2006 - 5:53 AM

CSI franchise creator Anthony Zuiker recently revealed the show that inspired CSI, what keeps the shows successful and his level of involvement with the shows.

Many documentary producers claim their forensic science programs inspired CSI. Zuiker reveals the real inspiration. In August 1999 his wife, who was pregnant with his first son at the time, made him sit down and watch a Discovery Channel show called The New Detective with her, as opposed to playing basketball that day. The episode was about an Oakland Raiders cheerleader who had been murdered by a photographer. A crime scene investigator found a hair with the little white seed of the hair follicle still attached, and suggested that the hiar was actually yanked out of the head in a struggle. Zuiker was fascinated that they could deduce that and that is where the inspiration for CSI came from. The then tram driver at Vegas’ Mirage Hotel penned the script in about four days.

As for what keeps all three shows successful, Zuiker credits “the formula of CSI: fractured-time storytelling with interesting, compelling scientific mysteries and a timeless cast. It’s really a ‘howdunit’ and a ‘whodunit.” Zuiker believes people love mysteries and this is a formula that when done correctly can be enjoyed for years to come.

Zuiker is currently the show runner for CSI:NY, along with partner Pam Veasey. His main priority is to maintain the quality and the vision of the show. Additionally, he writes one or two of the other shows per year. “But my main focus as the creator of the franchise is to keep it healthy, keep bringing fresh new ideas to the public and now [moving into] the multi-platform [world] of cell phones, the Internet and wireless entertainment.”

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