CBS Releases 'A Bullet Runs Through It' Promo

By Carolina
November 9, 2005 - 5:57 PM

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CBS last week released the video promo of the new CSI episode "A Bullet Runs Through It, Part One."

In this chilling episode, a routine traffic stop turns into a wild police chase through the streets of Las Vegas, resulting in the death of a police officer. When all is finished, the crime scene stretches for miles and the CSIs face an avalanche of ballistic evidence in order to find the real killer of the police officer who died on the scene. Grissom fears the officer may have been the victim of "friendly fire" and not the drug criminals they were chasing.

The trailer is currently available for download at For those of you with slower connections, here's a full transcript with screen caps of the trailer.

[Brass is at the lab, emotionally re-telling the events of the night.]
Brass: "Bullets were flying."
[A police car is rushing down the street when a bullet pierces through its windshield.]
[Brass and Sofia are in said police car, they swerve to avoid getting hurt.]
[A civilian car gets too close to a line of parked cars, sways and begins to tip over.]
[A gangbanger gets out of the car and starts shooting at the cops.]
[Brass takes cover behind his patrol car as he fires back.]
CSI – Secrets & FliesBrass: "It was like combat."
[The gangbanger isn't scared of the cops. He starts to run and continues to shoot at them.]
[Two police cars are lined up now, a cop stands behind one of them and shoots.]
[Detective Ortega is interrogating Brass.]
Ortega: "What happened next?"
[Brass struggles with his emotions.]
[Catherine looks down, sympathizing.]
[Flashback: An officer is in the middle of the shootout when a bullet gets him in the chest.]
[Brass's voice cracks as he replies.]
Brass: "Bill went down."


[Shot from the inside of a motel room, it's dark, we see SWAT officers moving outside before they storm in.]
[Grissom approaches David on the side of the road. There's a body laying on the pavement.]
[Detective Vega addresses Nick.]
Vega: "They claim they saw a cop shoot the suspect through the back."


[Shot of a very long road. The CSIs are busy collecting evidence. There's bullets and casings everywhere.]
[Warrick is outside, talking to a few civilians.]
[Suddenly, a man rushes over and punches Warrick in the face.]
CSI – Secrets & Flies [Warrick falls back into a car.]
[Sara and Nick are trying to figure out the trajectory of the many bullets that were fired by placing rods in the bullet holes of a police car.]
[The fallen officer's body is wheeled into the morgue.]
[Doc Robbins addresses Grissom.]
Robbins: "Are you saying he was hit by friendly fire?"
[Brass and Sofia wait outside to be interrogated. Sofia looks at Brass, she looks unsure and emotional.]
[Grissom sounds grave as he replies.]
Grissom: "Maybe not so friendly."
[Shot of the lab.]
[Text-over: 'CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. TV's #1 Show. 2 episode CSI event starts Thursday 9/8c.']

To view the trailer of this new CSI episode, head over to the official CSI website.

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