Secret-Telling T-shirts To Appear On ‘CSI:NY’

By Deborah
October 9, 2006 - 12:39 AM

When CSI creator Anthony Zuiker heard of the t-shirts designed by the small, up and coming edoc laundry, he was intrigued. The fledgling company has gained an online cult following with its shirt containing hidden messages. The messages can be used to unlock clues to an ongoing mystery on the website “You show me a shirt that has a secret code in it, and that’s a ‘CSI’ episode made in heaven,” said Zuicker.

In this week’s episode of CSI:NY, “Hung Out to Dry,” a serial killer uses coded t-shirts to mark his victims and communicate with investigators about his brother, who he believes was wrongfully imprisoned and killed while awaiting trial. Edoc laundry and CSI:NY writers teamed up to custom-design four t-shirts which are now available on the company’s website.

“It was quite awesome,” said Shane Small, edoc laundry co-founder. “Our whole philosophy is to tell stories and to give our consumers entertainment through our t-shirts, so we just feel that the marriage between ‘CSI’ and our story is a perfect fit.”

Small and another co-founder, Elan Lee, both big CSI fans, were invited to visit the set and even filmed a scene as extras. “There was this really cool moment where we walked on set and they announced us,” Lee said. “They stopped production and it was so cool because everyone started applauding. We’re looking around, trying to suppress the urge to ask for autographs, and they’re applauding us.”

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