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Alexander: 'Miami' Cast Battles Tiredness With Humor

By Carolina
September 9, 2005 - 8:13 PM

Khandi Alexander (Dr. Alexx Woods) recently revealed the Miami cast relies on each other to get through the exhausting shooting schedule.

"The hours are long so we try to be supportive of each other," the actress told her fans over at the website CynByTheSea. "We all get along great. There's a great Entertainment Tonight piece with David [Caruso] and I kidding around. At the end, I give David a little hug and he shouts out, 'KEEP YOUR HAND OFF MY WALLET. That was funny."

Prior to becoming an actress, Alexander was a professional dancer in Broadway. "It was a difficult transition from dancer to serious actress. It took quite a few years and a great deal of acting classes and study." The training paid off, as recently Alexander snatched the 2005 Imagine Award Best Actress statuette for her work on Miami.

Even now, the actress continues to study. To prepare for her role on Miami the actress gobbled up on forensic books and even got to witness a real autopsy. "I spent several weeks with the Medical Examiner in Los Angeles prior to shooting the first episode... At first I was a little squeamish... but now I'm like... bring on the blood. I need more blood.

And while it's all about fun on the set of Miami, Alexander admitted she would like to move on to the next best thing soon. I do enjoy speaking with the dead bodies. CSI: Miami is a great role. I do have a production company and I plan to produce films of my own in the near future."

To read a complete transcript of the interview, in which Alexander talks about her other roles, visit CynByTheSea.com.

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