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Buckley And Kanakaredes Divulge Details

By Rachel
April 9, 2009 - 7:37 AM

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AJ Buckley (Adam Ross) and Melina Kanakaredes (Stella Bonasera) reveal information about several episodes leading up to CSI: New York's fifth season finale.

Buckley was moved by the upcoming episode "Yahrzeit". As CSI Files previously reported, the plot revolves around a murder with ties to the Holocaust. "It's probably one of the most powerful things, and we get to meet Ed Asner," Buckley told TV Guide Magazine. Asner plays a Jewish clockmaker with a secret past. "I actually came by on my days that I wasn't working to watch him film," Buckley continued. "This episode in particular makes me really proud to be a part of CSI: NY."

The twenty-fourth episode of New York's fifth season is tentatively titled "Grounds for Deception". Kanakaredes penned the script, and she described the plot of the penultimate episode as one that involves "evidence in a smuggling ring that takes Stella to Greece in pursuit of a murder suspect." However, the show won't be packing its bags to film on location. Instead, they will have to "find locations to re-create" Greece in Los Angeles, the actress revealed.

Kanakaredes also shared that the episode sparks chemistry between her character and Mac Taylor (Gary Sinise), and it "unravels something personal in Stella's life." The character will stumble upon a photo of a woman who looks very familiar. "She was orphaned as a child and may find out who her biological parents are," Kanakaredes explained. The picture is of Stella's mother, portrayed by Melina dressed as an older woman.

(Edited April 9: The following excerpt refers to the original series, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. The source article was incorrect when it referred to the technology being used on CSI: NY.)

Taking a look at the scientific side of the forensic drama, an upcoming episode of New York will feature a man who blinks at a computer screen to communicate. The technology is real, and it was developed to help people with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig's disease). Shirley Fredlund is the founder of Voice for Joanie, which is a nonprofit organization that helps people get access to computer-assisted speech machines for free. Fredlund was a consultant on the episode of CSI: NY which will feature the technology.

"It started out with an e-mail from CSI about two months ago. They saw my Web site and wanted to know more about my work," Fredlund told News Times. "We spoke on the telephone probably five or six times. I remember they asked, 'What if we needed to get information from this man?' They wanted to make sure everything they did was accurate."

The original information about the computer-assisted speech machine is from NewsTimes.com. The scoop about Asner's appearance and the twenty-fourth episode are from TV Guide Magazine. Thanks to Shane from TalkCSI.

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