Horatio Goes Snake Hunting In 'Identity'

By Carolina
February 9, 2005 - 7:34 PM

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CBS yesterday released the full trailer of the upcoming CSI: Miami episode, "Identity".

The episode opens with the discovery of the body of a young woman, who appears to have been eaten alive by a giant snake. The investigation soon turns into a drug battle when the CSIs discover the snake was used as a way to smuggle drugs into the country without being detected by customs. The case turns personal for Horatio when he suspects the person behind the smuggling operation may be someone who got away from him in the past. Meanwhile, Ryan investigates a case of stolen identity, which gets complicated when both women claim to be the real victim of the theft.

The 30-second promo video for the episode can now be downloaded from CBS.com. For those of you on dial-up, here's a transcript of the trailer:

[The camera zooms in on young woman, who trapped in an enclosed space. She looks disoriented.]
[Close-up of the woman's face. She's trying to breathe and cry out at the same time.]
[Close-up of her right eye, in which you can see her panic.]
[Tripp pulls a curtain back.]
[A paramedic finds the dead woman by the side of a pool, her skin is red and slimy.]
Identity - Copyright CBSParamedic: "Holy Mother."


[Text instead of voice-over: 'Monday']
Horatio: "What are the marks on her face and neck?"
[Close-up of Horatio as he looks down.]
Alexx: "Puncture wounds. I can't tell you what made them."
[Horatio looks on as Alexx examines the victim's body.]
[Close-up of Alexx.]
[Alexx examines the victim's hand. The girl's skin looks raw.]
[Flash: A gloved hand touches the victim's cheek.]


[Shot of Miami's coast – a couple of cars are parked near a lighthouse.]
Identity - Copyright CBS[Delko peers through a curtain of dead reptile skin.]
[Flash: Upside down close-up of a woman's opened mouth.]
[Flash: Camera zooms in on a woman's eye.]


[Point-of-view shot from the snake, slithering through a room.]
[Close-up of a woman's feet. Something is dragging her away.]
[Close-up of the face of the dead victim though a magnifying glass. Her skin is covered in puncture wounds.]
[Alexx addresses someone.]
Alexx: "Teeth marks."
[Shot of Tripp and Delko by the poolside, looking at the scene.]
Tripp: "Girl never saw it coming."
Delko: "I hope not."
[Point-of-view shot from the snake, slithering through another room. There's a bar stool in front of it.]
[Back at the lab, Alexx is addressing Horatio.]
Alexx: "Something ate this poor girl.]
[Point-of-view shot from the snake. A man screams.]
[Back at the poolside, Delko is looking at something. There's people in bathing suits all around him.]


[Text instead of voice-over: 'Watch']
[Two men and a woman see something that scares them and they begin to run.]


[Text instead of voice-over: 'Your']
[Shot of a crowd of people, running away in panic and screaming.]


[Text instead of voice-over: 'Back']
Identity - Copyright CBS [Shot of someone's hand on the floor. As it raises, we see that it's covered in slime.]
[Tripp addresses Delko by the poolside.]
Tripp: "We know where it found her, how do we find it?"
[Close-up of Horatio.]
Horatio: "You leave that to me."


[Picture of Horatio over the Miami skyline.]
[Text-over: 'CSI: Miami - New episode, Monday 10/9c'.]
To view the 30-second promo in streaming Real Media format, head over to the official CSI: Miami site.

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