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‘Consequences’ Promo Available Online

By Deborah
November 8, 2006 - 5:39 AM

CBS has released the promo for the new CSI:New York episode “Consequences.”

In this episode, the investigation into the death of a professional paintball player becomes more complicated when the team’s prime suspect goes missing and evidence found at the scene possibly implicates one of their own.

The 30-second promo can now be downloaded at CBS.com. For those with slower internet connections, a full transcript of the promo video follows:

[Voice over: “CBS Wednesday”]

[Close-up on fluorescent green paint firing from a rifle.]

[A man is seen from behind, red paint packs strapped to his waist.]

[A combat scene, shooting, a man takes cover.]

[Simultaneous text and voice over: “paintball wars”]

[Close-up on a man in full combat gear.]

[Man (shouts): “I’ll take you on.”]

[A second man responds.]

[Second man: “Any day.”]

[Image of a man in combat gear, looks through rifle.]

[Simultaneous text and voice over: “real bullets”]

[The man with the red paint pack strapped to his waist is shot, falls.] [Gloved hands handle bundles of packaged evidence.]

[Simultaneous text and voice over: “crooked cops”]

[Close-up on Flack]

[Flack: “None of my guys took a thing.”]

[Close-up on Mac]

[Mac: You can’t be sure of that. You weren’t there.”]

[Flack searches a refrigerator.]

[Close-up on Stella]

[Voice over: “A CSI Stalker” with text over: “stalker”]

[A young man in a beige hooded sweatshirt, hood drawn, looks down.]

[Close-up on Stella talking to Mac]

[Stella: “Somebody’s following me.”]

[Young man in hooded sweatshirt glances sideways.]

[Voice over (Stella’s voice): “That’s him.”]

[Close-up on Mac]

[Mac: “Hey!”]

[The hooded young man darts out into traffic, Mac chases.]

[A young woman opens her apartment door.]

[Voice over: “and”]

[Flack and Stella are at her door.]

[Stella: “I’m here for the alien.”]

[The woman smiles brightly.]

[Woman: “Finally.”]

[Voice over: “Did we mention aliens?”]

[Close-up on Hawkes looking up at something unseen by the camera.]

[Hawkes: This job is never boring.”]

[Voice over: “It’s the CSI:NY that has it all.”]

[A bathroom crime scene.]

[A man lies in a bathtub wrapped in cellophane, appears dead.]

[The woman places a metal colander on her head and explains it’s purpose to Flack and Stella.]

[Woman: “It protects you so they can’t read your mind.”]

[The woman offers the colander to Flack and Stella.]

[Flack: “We’re good.”]

[Simultaneous text and voice over: “A new CSI:NY Wednesday”]

To view the trailer of this new CSI:NY episode, head over to the official CSI:NY website.

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