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'CSI: New York' November Sweeps Spoiler Preview

By Carolina
November 8, 2005 - 11:00 PM

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CSI: New York continues to explore very New York cases in the next four episodes. When a serial killer goes on a murder spree in New York, Horatio Caine and Mac Taylor join forces to stop him. A friendly poker game turns deadly for a host, the "death" of a child's doll proves deadly for the man trying to fix it, and the murder of a roller derby skater turns out to be more complicated than it initially seemed.

In the first few minutes of tomorrow night's "Manhattan Manhunt," viewers will see why it was such a bad thing Henry Darius managed to avoid capture in CSI: Miami's "Felony Flight." The episode will open with Darius forcing young Alexa Endecott to give him access to her parents' penthouse in Manhattan. To Alexa's shock, several of her sister's friends are in the penthouse, but under threat from the gun in Darius' pocket she manages to play it cool and convince them Darius is just a friend she's showing around. Alexa and Darius go up to the master bedroom, where Darius gets her to open up the family safe. Alexa hesitates, but then decides that if she does what Darius wants, maybe he'll just leave her alone. She only realises that's a vain hope once she's opened the safe and hears the click of Darius' gun hammer besides her...

When Mac Taylor and Horatio Caine arrive at the Endecott residence, the six dead bodies inside the penthouse make it clear Darius hasn't lost any of his murderous ways. The CSIs vow to track Darius down, but have no idea where to start. Eventually they find one connection, even if it is a somewhat strenuous one -- the psychiatrist who evaluated Darius before his trial, Dr. Feldstein, has also been treating Alexa Endecott's sister. Mac and Flack go to talk with Feldstein, who initially pleads innocence, but then admits he may have unwittingly admitted to Darius that he also treated some very rich clients. Mac wants to know more about this, but then suddenly notices blood dripping from Feldstein's cheek. At that moment, he hears creaking, looks through the window to the office -- and notices it is open, and there's a rope hanging in front of the window. Henry Darius was just here!

Unfortunately, Darius manages to get away yet another time, leaving Mac and the rest of the New York CSIs to try and find him. To make matters worse, it turns out Mac won't be able to rely much on the help of Horatio Caine, as shortly after his arrival he is served with a subpoena to testify in a murder case -- one in which he is the suspect. Will Horatio ever be able to leave New York?

A week later, in the episode "Bad Beat," Mac and Stella investigate a friendly poker game that turns deadly when the players realize one of their own is cheating, beat him mercilessly and kick him out of their apartment. When a knock on the door is followed by a shotgun blast that kills the host, the CSIs follow their only lead, the ejected player. Meanwhile, Danny and Hawkes team up to investigate the murder of a local news station's weather girl and their search uncovers a tape she was desperately trying to hide.

In "City Of The Dolls," New York's youth celebrates the first snowfall with a seemingly innocent game. Lou and Dooley are two teenagers having a good time in the snow, betting who can first hit the windshield of an upcoming truck. Dooley declares himself winner when the snowball he throws smacks the truck on the side window, but when the driver jumps out of his truck and starts chasing the teenagers Dooley starts looking like the loser. The two kids run down the sidewalk as the trucker follows them. Lou quickly sneaks into a shop to hide, and as the trucker finally gives up Lou explores his surroundings. Shelves full of detached doll heads, arms, legs and torsos adorn the little shop. It's a disturbing sight and Lou quickly tries to make his way out of there, but is stopped when he trips over the body of a man, lying on the floor, surrounded by a pool of blood.

The body is identified as that of Russell McCulley, owner of the little shop, which is actually a doll hospital. Mac, Danny, and Lindsay are on the case, which takes a strange turn when they determine Russell was killed with an arm a doll's arm. Danny and Lindsay check Russell's phone records and his last phone call was made to one Karen Drake, art and physics teacher at a local school. But Karen tells the investigators she only knew Russell through his business her daughter's doll was broken and she'd taken it to Russell's doll hospital the week before. Apparently, Russell had merely called to tell her the doll was ready to go home. In the meantime, Mac interrogates Rhonda Chavez, a UPS employee who delivered boxes to Russell every day, but despite Rhonda's rough demeanor, it seems obvious to Mac she didn't kill Russell. With a great lack of suspects and no apparent motive, the CSIs now have to figure out who in the city would kill a dolly doctor and why.

Meanwhile, Stella and Hawkes are called out of the lab when the body of a woman called Lauren Reed is found in her apartment. Stella interrogates Lauren's neighbor, Carolyn Schaffer, who called the police when she suspected something was wrong with Lauren. It seems weird to Stella that Carolyn would call the police based on a hunch, but Carolyn's justification seems fair - she explains Lauren hadn't been feeling well lately and she merely feared the worst when Lauren didn't answer her door. Back at the lab, an autopsy reveals Lauren died of poisoning; it also reveals Lauren had terminal cancer and only three months to live. The CSIs return to Lauren's apartment but cannot find any evidence suggesting Lauren was slowly poisoning herself, leaving them with an interesting question: who would bother poisoning someone who was so close to death?

And New York's sweeps period ends with episode "Jamalot." The episode takes us to Manhattan's only all-female roller derby league, the Gotham Girls, where the Manhattan Mayhem team is about the square off with the Queens of Pain. Twenty-two-year-old Rose, who goes by She Hate Me, is one of the best players on the Manhattan Mayhem team. But the Queens of Pain are proving to be a worthy adversary, and as the girls skate around the floorboards, smashing each other mercilessly, Rose goes down hard. Her coach, Ryan Chisholm, rushes towards her, and though Rose complains of bring in too much pain to keep going, the coach sends her back into the floorboard, proving to be a regrettable move - especially when the next smashing proves to be Rose's last one. This sounds like a case for Mac and Stella.

Detective Flack talks to Stan Feldman, owner of the team, who tells the detective everyone loved Rose, as she was the first player in the league to have an endorsement contract. But to Flack that sounds like a good enough reason for her teammates to hate her. A note from the M.E. confirms Flack's suspicions, looks like someone was slipping DNP, a powerful poison, into Rose's shampoo. If that wasn't enough, the coroner also confirms Rose was pregnant. Stella immediately focuses on coach Chisholm, who quickly confesses the baby Rose was carrying was his. Chisholm admits he desperately wanted to have a child. How desperate? Desperate enough to poke holes into his condom to get Rose pregnant without her consent. Stella is shocked and disgusted, but knows Chisholm would not kill the woman who was carrying the baby he so desperately wanted. Now, she and Mac have the arduous task of finding the killer at a place where even your teammates cannot be trusted.

While Mac and Stella work on the roller derby, Danny and Hawkes go dumpster diving again. Gary Holden is one of New York's upcoming crop of writers, or at least he was until his unprecedented death. After fishing his body out of a garbage bin, Danny turns to Cala Winger, Gary's editor, who claimed Gary was a brilliant writer but was having a hard time trying to find an audience until his last novel. Still unfinished but sure to be a best seller, Gary's latest book was a psycho-sexual thriller set in the upper Manhattan class. The only thing standing in the way of Gary and his glory was the lack of a final chapter. But when Hakes and Danny find Gary's book they notice a final chapter was in fact written -- just not in Gary's handwriting. Was the person who finished Gary's book the same person who killed him? Danny and Hawkes are sure of it.

Please note that the above plot details have not been confirmed by CBS, Alliance Atlantis or Bruckheimer Films, and until such time you should treat this information as you would any other rumour. The above information comes from early script drafts and the details and the airing order of the episodes are liable to change before the episodes are shown.

These four episodes of CSI: New York will run all through November sweeps, starting tomorrow night at 10/9c.

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