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By Carolina
September 8, 2005 - 10:58 PM

  • The folks over at the Grissom and Sara Romance webpage recently had the chance to meet William Petersen (Gil Grissom) and ask him if Grissom and Sara will ever hook up. "That's what everyone wants. But if we do it now, you'll stop watching the show!" The actor also let them know what he thinks of Jorja Fox (Sara Sidle) "You know - she's a great gal."

  • According to TVShowsOnDVD, the complete 3rd season of CSI: Miami will be released November 22nd. The set includes 7 discs. The extra contents have yet to be revealed.

  • The release date of the complete 5th season of CSI has also been announced. The DVD set will hit stores November 29th, and will also include 7 discs.

  • The Melina Kanakaredes (Stella Bonasera) movie Into The Fire has been receiving favorable reviews. Canyon News said of the film, “Michael Phelan’s film is a priceless story, a journey of faith and hope. If there are awards for keeping the faith, surely Into The Fire is up for the Medal of Honor." Into The Fire will hit theatres September 23rd.

  • David Caruso Fans.com has been updated with screen caps of the Miami episodes “Losing Face" and “Dead Woman Walking." The website has also added an old article in which David Caruso (Horatio Caine) talked about his days on Blue and why he left. “When I got 'NYPD Blue' I knew we were doing something special. I wanted people to watch and be excited by it and they did and they were. But I squeezed it too hard. When you start your day at 6:30 am., and you're reaching for intense quality and you're doing important scenes at 9:00 p m. -- this is not a good excuse for what I did, but there's a level of exhaustion that's hard for people to understand," the actor said.

  • New candid pictures of David Caruso, Khandi Alexander (Alexx Woods), Sofia Milos (Yelina Salas), and Eva LaRue (Natalia Boa Vista) have been added to JustAdam.net

  • The website Jorja Fox Online is back with a new design and some more images of the Sara Sidle actress.

  • Quality screen caps of the CSI/Miami episode “Cross-Jurisdiction" have been added to Erica’s CSI Caps.

  • The website Strictly Ink is celebrating their 5th year anniversary with a sale that includes a box of CSI: Miami collectible cards for £34.95. Fans can also purchase the Miami and CSI 2 boxes for £74.99.

  • The 20th issue of the British CSI: Official DVD Collection will be available soon. With Greg Sanders on the cover, the magazine includes an article on angels of death, the ESDA tool, and a profile of Catherine Willows.

  • If you missed Gary Dourdan (Warrick Brown) at Live 8, you’ll now have the chance to purchase a DVD containing his performance. The set will be released November 8th and will contain all the concerts on 4 discs.

  • TV Fans recently ran a piece on unrealistic technology on TV and CSI made the cut. “CSI and 24 are the biggest offenders of this one, what's with that ‘enhance section 6 by 47’ crap? As if you can greatly enlarge a small portion image to be crystal clear like that, even if you know what "sector" you want enhanced, even if the technology did work like that or used that terminology. I want to beat people badly every time I see this now."

  • The Kolkata Newsline also provided a review of CSI, but of the episode “Grave Danger." The reviewer called it the most suspenseful episode to date. “Tarantino draws viewers in, forcing them to experience the terror of being buried alive. The scenes inside the coffin are eerie and claustrophobic and the glass adds to the effect of horror because the abductee can see that he’s underground."

  • New episodes of CSI: Miami and CSI: New York will be broadcast in Holland on September 6th and September 8th respectively. In Sweden, Miami will be back on September 17th after a hiatus with the episode “Cop Killer." For more CSI related European news, visit CSI Forum.

  • And various fans around the internet have been keeping up with CSI news. One fan was able to spot the crew of CSI shooting a scene in California. The scene, which involved Warrick Brown, was loaded with, “tons of tanks and other army stuff," according to the fan. Another fan revealed actress Sarah Wright (Quintuplets) will portray Sarah Jennings in the upcoming Miami episode “Prey."

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