Halloween Delivers A 'Hell Night'

By Kristine
September 8, 2004 - 4:18 PM

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Halloween is a holiday filled with costumes, candy and fun, but not for the a group of jurors visiting the scene of a murder. Before they leave the house, another murder will be committed, this one in their presence in the upcoming episode of CSI: Miami, "Hell Night."

CSI Files sources revealed that the jurors are visiting the house of baseball player Danny Lopez in the sixth episode of the season. Lopez stands accused of the murder of his wife, Miranda. The jurors regard the handsome ballplayer as they are led to the scene of his wife's murder. The States Attorney tells them Miranda Lopez was stabbed to death in the kitchen of their house.

Suddenly a several flashes of light illuminate the darkened room. A loud crash startles the group--one of the jurors, Ginger Wadley, has fallen to the floor and appears to be having a seizure. The security detail, including the ones assigned to Danny, rush to see what's going on. The States Attorney calls the paramedics.

Another juror, Lori Parker, drops her flashlight. When she bends to pick it up, she screams. At her feet is the body of Danny Lopez, a meat cleaver protruding from the back of his skull. A piece of paper lies on his chest with the word Guilty scrawled on it.

Horatio, Calleigh and Delko arrive on the scene. Horatio and Calleigh note that even though no one has been living in the house for months, some of the pictures around the house seem to have been tampered with. Delko is gathering samples from the jurors, some of whom are none too please to be dealing with yet another complication after months of being sequestered. One of the jurors, Carl Tepper complains, and tells Delko that Lopez's death was "poetic justice." Delko takes note of his attitude.

Lopez's defense attorney, Leonard Jakes, admits to tinkering in the house before the jurors arrived. He put out family pictures and made sure to hide the knives. Which doesn't explain how the knife block ended up back on the kitchen counter.

A call on Horatio's cell interrupts the investigation. Yelina tells Horatio that she can't find her son, Ray, Jr. Horatio leaves the scene to go look for his nephew. He finds the twelve-year-old hanging outside a convenience store with several older boys. Ray, Jr. is talking into a cell phone when Horatio approaches. At first, his friends Kevin, John and Tom, are nervous, until they realize Horatio is there to pick up Ray, Jr., and not to arrest them. Ray, Jr. protests, but ultimately gets in the Hummer with Horatio. Horatio sends the other boys home.

Horatio tells a sullen Ray, Jr. he's worried about him. Ray, Jr. tells Horatio he can take care of himself, but Horatio expresses concern about the crowd he's hanging out with. Ray, Jr. makes a comment about not having family, and Horatio reminds him that his mother loves him. Ray, Jr. shoots back that she's never around. Reluctantly, Horatio drops Ray, Jr. off at Yelina's house, with a caution to stay away from the boys he found him with. It won't be the last time this night that Horatio has to help Ray, Jr., and the next time will have far more severe consequences...

Please note that these plot details have not yet been confirmed by CBS, Alliance Atlantis or Bruckheimer Films and until such time you should treat this information as you would any other rumour. The information comes from an early draft of the script and aspects of the episode may change before it goes to air.

"Hell Night" will likely air in October or November 2004.

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