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'CSI' To End Season With A Massive Cliffhanger

By Carolina
March 8, 2005 - 10:26 PM

When Quentin Tarantino is directing, there's no telling what to expect. But TV Guide this week revealed fans can definitely expect one thing: for this season to end with a cliffhanger.

The news that Tarantino would direct the season finale merged with a long time rumor about front man William Petersen leaving the show, creating massive speculation about the fate of Gil Grissom. But despite his knack for blood, gore, danger, the producers insisted Tarantino is not out to 'Kill Gil'. "We have no intention of killing Gil," executive producer Carol Mendelsohn told TV Guide. "We joked about calling it 'Kill Gil,' but that's really just a pun."

Gil Grissom is safe for now, but another character may not be so lucky. Mendelsohn revealed the season finale will put one of the characters in an unspecified life or death situation, and fans may have to wait until next season to learn the news of the character's fate. When asked which character might be taking the plunge, the producer only said one thing: "a member of Grissom's team."

The CSI graveyard shift was split into two teams in the episode "Mea Culpa" due to a mistake in overlooking evidence. Recently promoted Catherine Willows now leads the swing shift, with Warrick and Nick in her team, while Grissom leads the graveyard shift, which includes Greg, Sara, and recurring character Sofia Curtis.

Massive cliffhangers are uncharacteristic of CSI, which is famous for easing into summer hiatuses quietly. Previous season finales have left plotlines open for resolution Grissom's hearing loss in season three and his relationship with Sara in season four but this is the first time the writers will leave a character's fate hanging in the air.

The original blurb for this article can be found in this week's TV Guide. Thanks to Lysette van Erp for this!

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