'CSI' Actors Called Back To Work

By Christian
August 7, 2005 - 1:30 PM

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CSI: Crime Scene Investigation kicked off filming for its sixth season last week, providing excitement for some actors, but bitter disappointment for another.

Falling in the first category is Marc Vann, who has a recurring role as Conrad Ecklie on the original CSI. Just prior to resuming his work in Los Angeles, he visited Chicago to attend the 20th reunion of his old Center Theatre ensemble. While in the Windy City, Vann briefly spoke with the Chicago Tribune, telling them that he was "excited" to be "in the very first scene of the first episode of the new CSI season -- on our new set at Universal [Studios]."

Another actor who was called back to LA was Eric Szmanda. Disappointingly for the Greg Sanders actor, it turned out the CSI shooting schedule underwent some unexpected changes, forcing him to pull out of the Scottish debut of his one-man play Hyenas. Szmanda appeared in the play in Los Angeles during the Summer of 2004, and had been planning to bring the show to New York this year, as well as appearing in seven performances during the famous Edinburgh Festival. "Unfortunately, it was a bit too late in the day to put on another show," the venue manager told Stage Online, but added that there were "no hard feelings,' as things like this can always happen to an "in-demand television star" such as Szmanda.

For actors like Vann and Szmanda, CSI is a very high-profile and well-paying regular job. But each episode, the show also hires many guest actors, who are often quite excited to be able to make an appearance on one of TV's most popular television shows. One of these actors is Tom Schmid, who's previously had roles in series such as The Inside, The Shield and Judging Amy, and last week became the first person to reveal himself as a guest star on the new CSI season. "Tom plays the role of a corporate guy who is drunk on a bus with a bunch of strippers," a message on his official site read. "He's not really a nice guy on this show. But hey, it's CSI and it's Vegas, baby!"

While production on the new episodes has now started, it will still be a while before viewers will be able to witness the result. Currently, the CSI season premiere is expected to air on the 22nd of September.

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