First 'Necrophilia Americana' Details Revealed

By Carolina
March 7, 2006 - 8:27 PM

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In the newest episode of CSI: New York, "Necrophilia Americana," Mac believes a 6-year-old boy is the key to solving the murder of a museum curator while Danny investigates the murder of an urban golfer.

Ceci Astor, a museum curator, is found dead in her place of work, according to CSI Files sources, and Mac, Stella, Lindsay, and Hawkes find out she has been murdered with one of the knives on display. While the CSIs examine the scene, Mac makes a startling discovery near the body: 6-year-old boy Sam Martinez has been watching him work, and it's quite possibly that Sam was also watching when Ceci was murdered.

Mac takes Sam to the hospital and gets a visit from Carolyn Astor, Ceci's sister. Carolyn is understandably upset – not only was her sister murdered, she was murdered in the wing of the museum the Astor family donated. Mac is sympathetic, but Carolyn isn't, she wants to know why Mac is babysitting and not investigating the case. Being a possible witness to the crime Mac knows how important it is to handle Sam with care, but Carolyn would rather Mac force the confession out of Sam. It's the last straw for Mac, who is involuntarily growing attached to Sam, and he sends Carolyn home.

Meanwhile, fingerprints on the knife come back to a Jose Martinez, who not only works at the museum as a maintenance worker, he's also Sam's father. Stella wants to know how Jose's fingerprints ended up on the knife, and Jose explains that sometimes he handles the pieces after the museum closes. Jose explains that Sam's mother is dead, Sam ran away from home a few days ago and he'd been looking for his son this whole time. Stella is incredulous – if Sam was missing, why didn't Jose file a missing person's report? Stella is sure Sam ran away from home for a good reason and she's determined to find out why.

In his office, Mac checks New York's birth records, but there are no records for a Sam Martinez. According to the state of New York, Sam was never born. Mac tries to reason with the young boy, but he isn't getting a word out of Sam that relates to the case. Sam is either too traumatized to talk about what happened or maybe he didn't see the murder after all. Stella wants to know if Mac has called child services and Mac confesses he hasn't – he wants to give Sam some time. Stella is reluctant; Mac confesses he dealt with abandoned children during his military career – to get Sam to talk he's going to have to earn his trust.

Lindsay and Hawkes visit Ceci's home. While inside, they hear a sound coming from the kitchen. With their guns drawn they find a woman named Elena, her hand inside a cookie jar on the counter. Elena explains she works for Ceci, but when Hawkes removes her hand from the cookie jar they discover her fist is holding a wad of hundred dollar bills. Lindsay and Hawkes are curious but Elena grows silent. Did she kill Ceci? Hawkes appreciates what appears to be blood on Elena's nails but Elena isn't saying a word regarding Ceci's murder. But she is curious about another case tied to this investigation. Turns out, Elena's last name is Martinez and she's looking for her son Sam.

Meanwhile, Danny and Flack team up to investigate the murder of Tom Morris, who is found dead at a construction site. They concentrate on the construction workers, especially George Rhodes, whose prints are on the murder weapon. George admits he saw Tom, and even admits to smacking him around, but only because Tom broke the windshield of George's car and tried to run away. George caught up with him and smacked him around until Tom gave him the money to fix the window. When George left, Tom was alive.

George, after all, was telling the truth, and a twist in the case leads Danny and Flack to Jimmy Demeret, who recognizes Tom as a fellow urban golfer. Jimmy reveals Tom was good at the game, but tended to talk too much. Could Tom's mouth have gotten him killed? Danny and Flack are determined to hunt these other urban golfers to find out.

Please note that the above plot details have not been confirmed by CBS, Alliance Atlantis or Bruckheimer Films, and until such time you should treat this information as you would any other rumour. The above information comes from early script drafts and the details and the airing order of the episodes are liable to change before the episodes are shown.

"Necrophilia Americana" will most likely air during March or April of 2006 on CBS.

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