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'CSI' Splits In Four In '4 x 4'

By Carolina
March 7, 2005 - 10:09 PM

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Four different cases have the CSIs going in four different directions in "4 x 4".

According to CSI Files sources, "4 x 4" is written using the Rashomon technique, in which a recurrent situation seen from different point of views is the foundation for various mini-stories. In the episode, we follow the investigations of four different cases that are connected to each other through one single origin, with each CSI team interpreting their surroundings in their own biased ways.

The episode begins with Grissom, who is working on a 'hit and run' case where nothing was recovered but an abandoned Hummer. But as is the theme of the night, everything is connected. Mel and Marsha Shaw were vacationing in Vegas, where they won a brand new Hummer in the Auto Show raffle. Their joy was short-lived, however: just as the Shaws were taking their new car out for a drive, they were car-jacked. Brass interrogates the couple, but the Shaws cannot seem to agree on what their carjacker looked like black and skinny or white and fat. Clearly the witnesses' testimony isn't of great help.

Grissom joins officer Metcalf at the site of the carjacking, where he quickly discovers blood drops on the pavement. He follows the blood trail and it leads him to a convenient store, where a robbery is taking place. Luckily, the owner of the store, Ravi Sammy, had already called the police. The suspect, Vernon Miller, is African American and skinny, bleeding from his thigh, and his DNA matches blood found inside the abandoned Hummer. But the case isn't closed as Grissom discovers the other half of the Shaws testimony wasn't a difference of opinion, but a second suspect.

The Sema Show, otherwise known as the world's finest auto exhibit, is in full bloom in Vegas. Steve Dasilva proudly shows the crowd his latest auto invention, the E4500 Motorcoach RV, which gives a new definition to the phrase "house on wheels". The RV comes complete with an office, a bedroom big enough to accommodate a king sized bed. As the RV is rotated to show its interiors, though, the crowd gasps at the body of a woman, battered and bruised, sprawled on the bed. Catherine and Warrick are on the second case.

The woman is identified as Lise Schumacher, a former model, now hostess, at the auto show. Catherine and Warrick talk to Candace Mosti, Lise's roommate and auto show model. Candace claims she last saw Lise the night before, when they were asked to accompany Steve Dasilva out for a fun night, the kind of fun that is rewarded in cash. When Candace left, Lise was in Dasilva's bathroom, suffering from the effects of too much alcohol. A case of 'he said, she said' quickly develops, but Steve Dasilva has a good argument going for himself why would he kill a woman and leave her inside the RV he was going to exhibit the very next day?

Suzy Underwood is on her way to meet with her personal trainer, Paul Charles, when she discovers his body lying in a pool of blood at the gym. Suzy, an auto show model, shaken and scared, calls the police. Greg and Sara work the third case.

As the CSIs gather evidence inside the gym, Detective Cavaliere interrogates Suzy, who claims she didn't see anyone suspicious when she arrived. At turned out, Paul had cut down on his clientele so he could have more time to train for the Mr. Las Vegas pageant, just a couple of weeks away. One of the clients he cut down was Suzy herself. Cavaliere notices Suzy is too shaken about losing someone as peripheral as a personal trainer, and with some pushing discovers Suzy may have wanted more out of Paul than just physical training. Weird as things get outside, they get even weirder inside the gym. Greg and Sara are gathering evidence and going over the case when two Haz-mat techs in hooded suits walk inside. They only have to say one word to send Greg and Sara hustling outside "biohazard".

Nick investigates the fourth case, the murder of Chase Ryan, a 12-year-old whose body is found on a bus stop bench. Chase's parents are vacationing in Vail and left their 16-year-old daughter, Tiffany, in charge of the house. But Tiffany used her parents' absence to throw a party instead. Hung-over and confused, Tiffany tells Nick her brother stayed with a friend, Matt Jones, the night before. Matt and his parents are called into the interrogation room, where the 12-year-old recounts the events of the night before.

Matt and Chase were a little bit curious about what a high school party would be like, and after drinking too many beers the boys walked out into the Vegas night. Things are a little fuzzy in Matt's memory, but where there's lack of cooperation there's over-abundance of evidence, which points to one evident conclusion: alcohol does not agree with the anatomy of a 12-year-old boy.

Please note that the above plot details have not been confirmed by CBS, Alliance Atlantis or Bruckheimer Films, and until such time you should treat this information as you would any other rumour. The above information comes from early script drafts and the details and the airing order of the episodes are liable to change before the episodes are shown.

"4 x 4" will most likely air in late April, 2005.

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