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'High Octane' Promo Available Online

By Deborah
November 6, 2006 - 11:00 PM

CBS has released the promo for the new CSI:Miami episode “High Octane.” In this episode, a man is decapitated while performing a daring stunt in his car. The team suspects it was more than just an accident. The 30-second promo can now be downloaded at CBS.com. For those with slower internet connections, a full transcript of the promo video follows: [Text over: “Monday”] [A crowd watches as a silver sports car races past. A man in a white baseball cap turned backwards stands up through the sunroof.] 'CSI' promo -- copyright CBS [Text over: “it’s CSI:Miami’s] [Close-up on the man standing up through the sunroof; seen from behind.] [Text over: “wildest ride yet”] [Frontal close-up on the man’s face as he screams.] [View of Miami buildings] Calleigh: “Why didn’t he clear the last cable?” [The car speeds between two palm trees with a cable running across the road between them. The height of the cable is approximately shoulder-level on the man standing through the sunroof] [The man collides with the cable as the car speeds by.] [The white baseball cap flies through the air.] [Close-up on Delko] Delko: “Smell that?” [Close-up on vehicle wreckage] [Ryan stands near the vehicle.] 'CSI' promo -- copyright CBS Ryan: “Yeah, that isn’t gasoline.” [Text over: “Speed kills”] [Close-up on Delko] Delko: “No, that’s jet fuel.” [Ryan and Delko duck and run to escape an electric blue sports car as it races behind them.] [The blue car is seen with white debris flying around it.] [Sports cars race down the road as South Beach flies past.] [Close-up on Horatio Caine.] [Delko stands behind a vehicle with his gun drawn.] [Delko runs to the front of the vehicle.] [Women party in the crowd.] [Ryan’s hands reach toward a young man lying on the ground.] [A wheel spins.] [A man stands in a ditch, pulls back a tarp.] [Interior of sports car as a man shifts gears.] 'CSI' promo -- copyright CBS [The Miami skyline looms in the distance as cars race near the water, police car in pursuit.] [Ryan, clad in white lab coat, shines a flashlight over the passenger-side interior of a vehicle.] [Close-up as a finger presses a lever-style button.] [Natalia, in white lab coat, processes the driver’s side of the vehicle. She jumps as the vehicle bounces.] [Natalia looks at Ryan.] Natalia: Little warning. [Ryan smiles at Natalia.] Ryan: Sorry about that. [Text over: “Due to violent content, viewer discretion is odvised. CSI:Miami Monday 10/9c new episode”] To view the trailer of this new CSI:Miami episode, head over to the official CSI:Miami website.

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