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Will April Showers Lead To May Flowers For Sara And Greg?

By Carolina
April 6, 2005 - 4:00 PM

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The April 10th issue of TV Guide got the inside scoop on a scorching episode of CSI that will see very little clothing.

According to the magazine, characters Sara Sidle and Greg Sanders will be shedding their clothes together in an episode that will air in April. "For reasons that will be spelled out during the episode, the two CSIs must take a decontamination shower together. And it's Sara, not Greg, who sneaks a peek," said columnist Rich Sands.

The episode in question is "4x4", which will be told in the Rashomon writing style, where every act will be seen through the eyes of a different CSI team with certain overlapping scenes. Sidle and Sanders will be working together in the episode, trying to figure out how a healthy body builder ended up dead at the gym with no visually apparent cause of death. When the crime scene suddenly becomes a biohazard, the two characters will have to hit the showers together.

The Sidle-Sanders flirtation is not news to the show's fans, who have watched former lab rat Greg Sanders pine away for Sara Sidle's affection for years. The characters have been working closely since Sanders was promoted to CSI, but with the Grissom-Sidle potential romance cohabiting the show, the outcome is anybody's guess. Eric Szmanda admits, Greg's cursh may have been his doing (news): "I was campaigning for the series-regular role, and then I was campaigning for the crush on Jorja."

Pick up the latest issue of TV Guide to read the small blurb. "4x4" is set to air on April 14th. Thanks to Al Forno for this!

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