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'I Like To Watch' Promo Now Available

By Carolina
March 6, 2006 - 8:02 PM

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'I Like To Watch'CBS has released the promo for CSI's "I Like To Watch."

In this episode, a camera crew from a reality series follows the CSI team during the first 48 hours of an investigation involving an upscale real estate agent found dead in her glamorous high-rise apartment. The cameras reveal the intricacies of how the CSIs piece together the case, but also delve into how each member of the team deals differently with the emotional and physical demands of their work.

The 30-second promo can now be downloaded at CBS.com. For those of you with slower connections, here's a full transcript of the promo video:


[Catherine and Grissom are walking towards a crime scene. They look shocked about the fact that they're being filmed.]
Grissom: "What is this?"
[The camera pans back and we see a film crew following the CSIs into the scene.]
Film Producer: "It's a reality crime show. We're gonna follow you for this investigation."


[An ambulance is parked outside a building, and while a woman is wheeled into it, a few officers arrive at the scene.]
'I Like To Watch' [Grissom and Catherine are at the scene, flashing their lights. They stare at something off camera.]
[The camera reveals they're in a bedroom, looking at an unmade bed.]
[Catherine finds something near a night table and bags it.]
[Grissom aims at something with his camera and takes a snapshot.]
[The film crew is trying to get into the scene.]
[Brass, however, covers the lens with his hand and pushes them back.]
Brass: "Stand behind the crime tape."


[The crew is now at the lab, filming Nick as he works.]
[They follow Grissom and Catherine again down the hallway. Catherine looks at the camera and then at Grissom.]
[Next, they run after a couple of officers, who are presumably chasing a suspect.]
[Sara is in the interrogation room, talking to someone.] Sara: "We're looking for a rapist who masquerades as a fireman. "
[A woman sits in a hospital bed, after she's raped. Sofia walks towards the door.]
'I Like To Watch' [But she doesn't walk out, merely closes the curtains in front of the cameras to give the victim some privacy.]
[In the smokey hallway of a building, two men are running out.]
[A fireman looks into the camera. Flames burn behind him.]
[Text-over: 'TV's most watched show.']
[At the lab, Grissom addresses someone.]
Grissom: "He's escalating."
[Greg joins the discussion.]
Greg: Where does he go from here?"


[Grissom turns slowly towards the camera.]
[Text-over: 'CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. New Episode Thursday 9/bc.']
[Brass is being filmed by the crew. He's clearly angry and irritated as he waves to the camera and walks away.]
Brass: "You're all done."

To view the trailer of this new CSI> episode, head over to the official CSI website .

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