CBS Releases 'Pirates Of The Third Reich' Promo

By Carolina
February 6, 2006 - 2:10 PM

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CBS last week released the promo video of CSI's new episode "Pirates Of The Third Reich."

In this episode, the body of a young woman is found half-buried in the desert outside of Vegas, and Grissom teams up with Lady Heather (Melinda Clarke) to discover the cause of the victim's unusual death. The mystery deepens when the CSIs discover that the woman was participating in a clinical study where doctors performed experiments for sleep deprivation. The episode was written by Jerry Stahl and directed by Richard Lewis.

The 30-second promo can now be downloaded at For those of you with slower connections, here's a full transcript of the promo video:


'Pirates Of The Third Reich' [A police SUV is seen approaching in an isolated Vegas road.]
[Text-over: 'Thursday.']
[Grissom meets Detective Brass at the scene.]
[Text-over: 'TV's most watched show.']
Brass: "Jane Doe is Zoe Kessler."
[The two approach the body, which is naked, bald, and half buried in the desert sand.]
[Brass, Nick, and Grissom stand over the body.]
[Brass continues addressing Grissom.]
Brass: "The mother is a friend of yours... Lady Heather."
[Grissom looks up.]
[Flashback to "Lady Heather's Box." Grissom and Lady Heather are in a room together. She lights some candles and blows out the matchstick.]
[In the present, Grissom stands with Lady Heather at the morgue.]
Grissom: "I'm so sorry about your loss."
[Lady Heather can't contain her tears.]


'Pirates Of The Third Reich' [Warrick stands on a small hill, watching as tens of officers comb the crime scene.]
[Doc Robbins reacts to the case.]
Robbins: "I've never seen anything like this."
[From a different angle, we see Zoe's body in the desert as the coroner's van rolls in.]
[Nick goes over the clues.]
Nick: "Genetic modification."
[Two jars rest in a table at the lab. They contain a human eye each.]
[Grissom and Lady Heather are at the morgue, looking at Zoe's body. Lady Heather caresses her daughter's face.]
[She looks up at Grissom.]
Lady Heather: "What kind of person would do that?"


[The CSIs open a bunker and look inside with their flashlights. A flight of stairs lead to some sort of basement.]


[A homeless man walks down the street, using a roll of paper as a telescope.]
Grissom: "Test subject number one."
[Brass and Sara watch the man from afar.]
[A doctor addresses the CSIs.]
Doctor: "I think he's been lobotomized."
[The same man is now at the lab, being questioned.]
[Nick is with the doctor.]
Nick: He's not a suspect, he's a victim."
[Lady Heather opens the door to her home.]
[Nick and Warrick look in. Warrick takes his sunglasses off.]
[Wendy and Sara are talking at the lab.]
Wendy: "This gets so much weirder."
'Pirates Of The Third Reich' [Grissom is studying an old map. In it, there's a picture of a wolfe.]
[He looks in the distance, surprised by what he's found.]
[The SWAT team is moving in outside a property.]
[Brass, with a gun in one hand and a flashlight in the other, inspects a darkened room.]
[He illuminates a few pictures on a wall – pictures of the human head, the eye, the brain.]
[Sofia is in another part of the house, about to walk into a room.]
[Close-up of Catherine, so shocked she has to cover her mouth.]
[Grissom turns and looks at someone off camera.]
[Flash: Close-up of an arm. It's cuffed to a pipe by the wrist.]
[Flash: Another body is on the floor, male, also shaved.]
[Flash: Someone separates a dead person's eyelids to reveal a decaying eye.]
[Flash: We see the same arm again, cuffed to a pipe.]
[Flask: Suddenly, the arm disappears and all we see is the cuffs.]
[Lady Heather is in the desert, at night, she's visibly emotional but determined.]
[Grissom is by his car a few yards away, looking at the scene. He shouts urgently and chases after her.]
Grissom: "Heather!"
[The screen goes black.]
[Text-over: 'CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. New episode – Thursday 9/8c.']

To view the trailer of this new CSI episode, head over to the official CSI website .

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