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Paul Guilfoyle: “As An Actor, I Must Admit We Have An Overdose Of This Kind Of Series.”

By Deborah
January 6, 2007 - 3:27 AM

CSI actor Paul Guilfoyle (Detective Brass) shares his views on the global appeal of the show, the television business and the relationship between the actors on the show.

Guilfoyle had this to say of the success of the series overseas, “Global preoccupations are international, crime is universal and so is human appetite for looking for the truth through science, so everybody in ‘CSI’ was convinced that a series about murder, technology and investigation would succeed.”

However, he does admit that we have an overdose of this kind of series. “Television is a business just like any other. Do you remember McDonald’s first hamburger? Back then, we found it simply delicious and now, thousands of mouthfuls later and without changing an apex of their formula, it is the worst thing we could eat.”

After six years of working together, Guilfoyle says the cast of CSI is like a small family. They’re united by the fact that they experience this together.

To read the full interview (which happens to be in Spanish), visit El Correo Digital. The translation used for this news item is courtesy of Graciana Gar at Your Tax Dollars At Work.

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