'48 Hours To Life' Trailer Available Online

By Carolina
October 5, 2005 - 2:42 PM

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Yesterday, CBS released the official promo video of the new CSI: Miami episode "48 Hours To Life."

This episode will see the Miami team in a race against the clock to prove the innocence of a man who falsely confesses to murder and could fall victim to the county jail system. Despite Tripp securing a written confession from Tobey Hollins, who admits to committing murder, the evidence tells Horatio that Tobey is innocent. As Horatio races to prove his innocence, Tobey waits for his arraignment in prison and ends up killing another inmate in alleged self-defense. Now, the pressure is on for the CSIs to find out the true culprit in both cases before the system swallows up Tobey for the rest of his life. "48 Hours To Life" was written by Marc Dube and John Haynes, and directed by Norberto Barba.

The trailer is currently available for download at CBS.com. For those of you with slower connections, here's a full transcript with screen caps of the trailer.

[The Miami skyline]
[Text-over: 'Monday.']
[A woman sees a strange man in her home and gasps when he pulls a gun out.]
[The man fires. We only see the gun going off, we never see his face.]


CSI: Miami – 48 Hours To Life [At a prison, new inmates are being sorted into their cells.]
[A young man, Tobey Hollins, looks terrified as the cell door closes.]
[He looks at the bars, uncertain and scared.]
[Miami's infamous Hummer speeds down the road.]
[Tobey is out on the street, running away from the cops and officers that chase him.]
[From inside the Hummer, Horatio looks out at the scene.]
[Later, Horatio addresses Tripp. The case is starting to take a different direction.]
Horatio: "Is he the right guy, Frank?"
[Close-up of Tobey as he's in jail, shirtless. Various prisoners loom behind him.]
[Tripp, however, doesn't have any doubts.]
Tripp: "You got somebody better? Serve him up."
[Tobey enters his cell for the first time. He's shaking in fear.]
[Horatio watches from the outside.]
[As the cell closes, he looks determined.]


[Down in the morgue, the body of the woman is rolled in. There's a bullet wound on her chest.]
[Calleigh addresses Ryan sternly.]
Calleigh: "It's analyze and report."
[Ryan looks at her as if he's reluctant to believe her. The case is definitely getting to the team.]
CSI: Miami – 48 Hours To Life[Down at the morgue, Alexx rolls the victim's body out of its designated drawer.]
[Calleigh addresses someone.]
Calleigh: "Have you got a problem with that?"
[In the interrogation room, Delko is having just a hard a time getting to a suspect.]
Delko: "Sit down!"
[Later, he talks to Horatio about the case.]
Delko: "48 hours until his arraignment."
[Back to when Tobey was arrested. A man in uniform finally catches up to him and tackles him to the ground.]
[Back in prison, another inmate punches Tobey across the face. Tobey falls to the ground.]
[Horatio knows how severe the situation is.]
Horatio: "That kid doesn't have 48 hours."
[Back at the lab, someone is examining a piece of evidence.]
[Alexx holds a tiny, white object up with tweezers and examines it closely.]
[Ryan doesn't share the team's skepticism.]
Ryan: "Come on. This kid, he did it."
CSI: Miami – 48 Hours To Life [At the lab, Ryan and Cynthia analyze the handwriting on a piece of paper.]
[Tobey's back in prison, wearing his orange uniform, holding his hands up and looking scared.]
[Alexx takes a picture of the body of the victim.]
[Close-up of the camera as it goes off.]
[In the lab, someone swabs the ends of a piece of bone.]
[A riot forms in prison, and Tobey isn't on the victorious side.]
[It's starting to make sense to Calleigh.]
Calleigh: "There's more to this story."
[But it might be too late. Tobey is being incarcerated.]


[The Miami skyline.]
[Text-over: 'CSI: Miami. New Episode – Monday 10/9c.']

To view the trailer of this new CSI episode, head over to the official CSI: Miami website.

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