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CBS Highlights The Newness Of 'New York'

By Christian
September 5, 2005 - 8:24 PM

CSI: New York Season TwoCBS has released a 30-second trailer promoting everything that's new about the second season of CSI: New York.

Included in the promo video are shots from several upcoming episodes of the new season. For instance, the trailer includes the dead lingerie designer seen in the season premiere, "Summer In The City," the tiger who tears apart a man in "Zoo York," and the kung-fu fighters from "Corporate Warriors." In addition, the trailer provides a first look at the show's new sets, and new medical examiner Evan Zao.

The trailer is currently available for download on CBS.com. For those of you with slower connections, below you will find a full transcript of the trailer.

[A flyby of the Statue of Liberty.]
[We speed through the streets of Manhattan.]


[Clouds travel over Brooklyn Bridge.]
[The Manhattan speed ride continues.]
[New York's skyscrapers tower over us.]
[Another speed ride.]
[A subway train empties onto the platform.]
[We continue our breakneck ride through a nighttime Manhattan.]


[Text-over: 'New Style']
[Mac studies something in the lab.]
[Stella runs through town.]
[Sheldon Hawkes, now out on the field, examines a piece of evidence.]
[Mac walks through the lab, holding a cell phone to his ear.]


CSI: New York Season Two[Text-over: 'New Stories']
[A black man kissed a blonde woman.]
[Inside an apartment there's a cuddle party in progress.]
[A man slashes a wooden pole in two with a sword.]
[Mac looks up.]
[A phographer takes a picture of a model standing in front of a faux snowscape.]
[The model smiles at the camera.]
[A tiger drags away a man.]
[Mac examines the tiger's mouth.]
[Stella and Danny examine a dead body.]
[Danny, sporting a goatee, comments on the victim.]
Danny: "Dead guy in a rhinestone bra."
[Close-up of the victim's chest -- he's indeed wearing a bra made of diamonds.]
Stella: "That little brassiere is worth over eight million dollars."
[A model is showing the brassiere.]


[Text-over: 'New Season']
[Danny and Stella give chase to a suspect.]
[Up on a rooftop, Danny tackles the suspect.]
[A man screams.]
[Inside an ambulance, Dr. Hawkes tries to resuscitate a victim.]
Hawkes: "Come on, man!"
[A blonde woman does a kung-fu kick...]
[... her foot ending only centimeters from Mac's face.]
[Mac shows the woman his police badge.]
Mac: "We need to talk."


CSI: New York Season Two[Text-over: 'New York']
[The kung-fu blonde throws a punch.]
[Inside the morgue, Mac unveils the suspended corpse of an animal.]
[New M.E. Evan Zao and Mac Taylor examine a body.]
[The tiger bares his teeth.]
[Stella looks away from the projected image of a dead man.]
[Close-up of the glove-clad hand of a CSI.]
[A CSI examines a slide.]


[Text-over: 'This Fall']
[We see the start of another kind of fall, as a man stumbles from a ladder affixed to a skyscraper.]
[The man plunges to his death.]
[Various angles of the man falling down, as we hear him screaming.]


[Text over the Manhattan skyline: 'CSI: NY -- Season Premiere, Wednesday September 21']

To view the trailer for yourself, head over to the official CBS site.

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